18 Breathtaking Pics In Two Worlds, Air and Water


No more portraits, only selfies these days!!

Did you hear about this line “A PicJelly Fishture is worth a Thousand words” ? So, here I am with 18,000 words. 😉 The worlds in these images are in perspective of the animals. One is Air and the other is Water. Did you ever try clicking a candid shot this way? Well you might get tempted to try now.

Check out these stunning images and you won’t stop saying ‘wow’!!

Jelly Fish

Jelly Fish ...

American crocodile

American Crocidile

Baby Seal

Baby seal

Egg Jellyfish

Egg Jelly fish

Turtle Beneath the Horizon

Turtle beneath the horizon

This is from Bora Bora Island

This pic is from the island Bora Bora

Group Selfie

Group Selfie

Jellyfish Lake

jelly fish lake



Rajan The Swimming Elephant

Rajan The Swimming Elephant

Traditional Fishing on an island

Traditional fishing on an island

Underwater life of Poda Island, Thailand

Underwater life of poda island, Thailand

Underwater Diving


Unexpected underwater Encounter

Unxpected underwater encouter



Children of the Sea

Children of the sea

Caribbean brown pelican

Caribbean pelician



Many photographers take good photos on dry land, some photographers take good photos underwater, and few photographers take good over-under shots. Do you want to learn some tricks to master this elusive art? Check out our source !!

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