Brighter side of being a home maker


Every profession has its advantages and disadvantages. While working women are financially independent and do more in life, it’s a misconception to think that home maker’s life is boring and they have limited opportunities. If there is a will there is way, unna time and oppurtunities ni baga utilize cheskunte, we can see bright side of everything. Here are some benefits of being home maker.

More time for Intrests & Hobbieshome makerHomemakers ki inti panulu ipoyaka kontha time migulutundi when compared to working women as their day will be hectic managing work and home. Ala dorikina time lo happy ga istam aina hobbies cheyochu or kotha skills nerchukovachu. Singing, Dancing, Painting, Gardening ila edaina, endukante, manshi annaka koosantha kalaposhana undali mari!
More time for Near & Dear2 - Near and DearTargets, deadlines lanti problems undav kabati, haapy ga anni weddings and functions attend avochu. Family and friends ni frequent ga kalustu we can strengthen the relationships. Unnadi Okkate Zindagi! We should spend quality time with our close ones.
Chance to follow your passionhome makerSometimes manam enchukunna profession may not be something we are passionate about. Being a home maker, there is a very good chance to achieve more in life. Edina small business start cheyochu or can freelance. These days many successful youtubers are homemakers a. They make videos on what they are passionate about like cooking, beauty, art etc and earn money while being at home.
Following healthy routinehome makerTime ki tinali, time ki padukovali, we should take care of ourselves, pamper ourselves ani chala sarlu anukuntam kani andariki adi kudaradu. Home maker proper ga plan cheskunte day ni annitiki time dorukutundi . To cook healthy food, to follow a beauty routine, to maintain fitness and time to relax.
Watching your children growhome makerLife lo okasari pass ina time malli tirigi radu. Sometimes few events chala fast ga ipoinattu untai, andulo okati pillala childhood. Mothers staying at homes can spend more time with children and watch them grow. Priceless moments avi.
No Hurryhome makerAnni panulu tirikaga manchiga chesukovachu without any hurry or tension. No constraints be it cooking, praying or keeping the home clean.
Making most of everything7 - EveningFestival time ina, vacation time ina edo sagam sagam kakunda, anukunatu full ga enjoy cheyochu. You can add value to every occasion of life and make it a wonderful moment.
Hats off to working women who are balancing home and work. They are financially supporting the family. Alage Kudos to Home makers also who dedicate their time to make house a better living place.