This Cappella Cover Of ‘Dheewara’ Is A Complete Treat To The Ears And Eyes As Well

The epic fiction blockbuster Bahubali had occupied half of last year’s time on social media. From its first look, teaser, trailer, movies, facts, reviews, interviews to Annapoorna Sunkara, everything was around Bahubali. Like it always happens on the social media, every day the world sees something new. In this year, Smitha started off with her Baha Kilikki, an album in Kilikili language as a tribute to Bahubali. This time it is the turn of Anju Joseph and her friends.

And I must say in the very first go, it is totally worth your time. A cappella cover of Dheewara by Anju Joseph and her friends (pals as she describes), the song is a total treat to watch from the soulful singing to exotic visuals and choreography.

Now, wait! What is a Cappella song?

Well, a cappella is defined as singing without the use of any instruments. However, different sounds are made using different parts of the mouth and its modulations. It is aimed to sing in harmony and synchronisation.

Anju Joseph and her team have adapted this style and have come out with an amazing tribute to Bahubali. Anju Joseph is the Idea Super Singer title holder in Kerala. The original song was composed by MM Keeravani. And guess what, the locations you find in this video will be similar to the ones we saw in the movie. Now, looking at the same locations through this video is what makes it exciting. It adds that extra layer of rich chocolate cream to this album making it even more yummy.

We recommend you should give this an ear and don’t forget to plug-in your headphones for a better experience.

Here you go!!

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