Celebrating World Idly Day, Here’s Everything About South India’s Favourite Food!

What is World Idly Day and when is it celebrated?
Well, World Idly Day is celebrated to commemorate our favourite Breakfast dish. When you ask? It is celebrated on March 30th of every year. Most people might not be aware of it, but our Idly been celebrated for four years now and 2020 is the fifth year we are acknowledging this versatile tiffin.

Idly is loved and eaten by people of all the age groups. Celebrating the World Idly Day is a brain-child of M Enivayavan, the founder of Mallipoo Idly, a very popular and well-known restaurant chain. He believes that Idly as a food is special as it can be consumed by everyone. So, why not celebrate and acknowledge it? And, honestly we cannot agree more with what he preaches.
While, most people are not aware of the World Idly Day, several people and eateries do celebrate it with great pompous. And, on that note, here are some major benefits and advantages of your favourite breakfast dish.

1.Low in Calories

ImageIdly is one of the best foods for weight losss. They are steamed and hence the calorie intake in them is quite low. The rice content and pulses makes it even healthier. All these make Idly super beneficial for weight loss.

2.Light-weight and Easy for Digestion.

Image (1)Most people prefer light foods and easy to make breakfasts in the morning. And, perhaps that is why Idly is the most preferred breakfast by us. Eating fermented foods early in the morning, helps in breaking down of vitamins and minerals, in your body. Also, the lactic acid present in the Idly is associated with a healthy and longer life.

3.Rich in Vitamins and Minerals

Image (2)Idly, like we mentioned is a fermented food and fermented foods are usually rich in vitamins and minerals. They also help the body to absorb all these nutrients. When food is fermented, it breaks down several complex minerals and vitamins that body can usually not absorb. It promotes in assimilation of more and more vitamins to the body.

4.Keeps You Full

Image (3)Idly is also rich in fibre and hence keeps you full for a longer time. Also, since it is light, you can consume serveral Idlies and still not put on weight. The loaded fibres also promote heart health.

5.Has Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Image (4)

Idly does not harm your digestive system. It has several anti-oxidants and is loaded with anti-inflammatory properties. This prevents formation of gas or any chemicals inside your stomachs.

Now, you know that your favourite breakfast is not just delicious, but also super healthy. Also, it is super versatile and can be made in several ways: Tawa Idly, Ragi Idly, Fried Idly, Kharam Podi Idly, Masala Idly and the varieties don’t take the name of stopping.

Happy World Idly Day, you all!

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