7 Celebrity Couples With More Than 10 Years Of Age Gap Between Them

Chala varaku marriages oka age valla madhya jaragavu. I don’t know why, abbayi kante ammayi oka 4 – 5 years chinna ayyiuntene match set cheyyadaniki try chestaru in most cases ee vishayanni manamu gamaninche untam. Idi cinema couples ki kuda apply avutundi, mostly cinema jodis valla madhya 10 years paine difference unna they married and they are leading a happy and meaningful life. Basically age di pedda factor kaadu, it’s all about understanding the differences of each other kadha… So let’s take a look the cinematic couples with more than 10 years of age gap

1. Fahadh & Nazriya – 12 Years Age Gap

Fahadh & Nazriya

2. Arya & Sayesha – 17 Years Age Gap

Arya & Sayesha

3. Nagarajuna & Amala – 12 Years Age Gap

Nagarajuna & Amala

4. Prakash Raj & Pony – 12 Years Age Gap

Prakash Raj & Pony

5. Upendra & Priyanka – 10 Years Age Gap

Upendra & Priyanka

6. Rahul Sharma & Asin – 10 Years Age Gap

Rahul Sharma & Asin

7. Saif Ali Khan & Kareena Kapoor – 10 Years Age Gap

Saif Ali Khan & Kareena Kapoor

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