Chandrayaan 2 Is Not A Failure: Celebs & Netizens Come In Support Of ISRO Scientists For Their Efforts

Chandrayaan 2 mana ISRO scientists July 22 roju launch chesina ee India’s pride space project idi. Ippati Varaku world lo eh country kuda moon south pole loki landers ni send cheyaledu. Kani mana ISRO scientists first time mana country ee rare feat ni achieve cheyalanna lakshyam tho ee project ni chesindi. Successful ga launch aina Chandrayaan 2 moon orbiter loki enter aina Vikram Lander, Pragyan ni moon south pole ki pampindi.

Chandrayaan 2Almost July 22, 2019 and September 7, 2019 varaklu ante 47 days mission lo unna Chandrayaan 2, Vikram Lander moon paina land aindi. But sadly, moon meedha land aina Vikram Lander and Pragyan Rover communication lost aindi. Ante ippudu ee mission ki full stop padinatte. Malli communication vasthe tappa ee mission success aiyye chances levu.

ISRO is almost an inch close to create a history, but sadly adi jargaledu. Ee incident taruvatha Prime Minister Modi mana ISRO Chairman K. Sivan ni direct ga kalisi hug chesukuni icchina support and aa taruvatha netizens and few celebs kuda ISRO & ISRO Scientists efforts ni praise chesthu comeback strong antu social media lo support chestunaru.

Here is the Journey of Chandrayaan 2 in phases & Major Highlights:

Geocentric Phase:

July 22 (09:13:12 UTC): Launch from Satish Dhawan Space Center in Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh – Burn time: 16 min 14 sec

July 24 (09:22 UTC) – August 2 (09:34 UTC) : 1st orbit to 5th Orbit raising maneuver

August 13 ( 20:51 UTC ): Trans-lunar injection

Selenocentric Phase:

20 August, (03:32 UTC): Lunar orbit insertion – 1st lunar bound maneuver

1 September, (12:51 UTC): Lunar orbit insertion – Lunar orbit insertion

Vikram Lunar Landing Phase:

2 September, (7:45 UTC) – Vikram Lander separation

6 September, UTC (planned) – Vikram landing on Moon’s South pole

7 September – Pragyan Rover Deployment: Pragyan Lost Communication with Vikram Lander and ISRO

Here is how Indians and few Celebs backed ISRO and supported scientists for their efforts….!


Chandrayaan 2


Chandrayaan 2


Chandrayaan 2


Chandrayaan 2

5.Chandrayaan 2


Chandrayaan 2


Chandrayaan 2

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