CES 2018: What can we expect from the biggest technology event ?


Well, The new year begins with new Technology and everything new at CES (Consumer Electronic Show) 2018 and This CES will be held every year in the 1st or 2nd Week of January and this year from January 9-12 in Las Vegas, Nevada CES is going to bang Consumers.tech eventConsumer Electronic Show 2018

Here are few predictions from Wirally Tech team which are going to be unveiled at CES 2018, CES is also known as Technology Show or Technology Summit where world’s top leading Tech industries and Tech leaders will participate and unveil latest technologies as Prototypes and already developed inventions will be launched in Consumer Electronic Show.tech eventHere are our top Predictions at CES
1) Driverless Self-driving Carstech eventThe future of cars is self-driving. With that in mind, automakers know that driverless tech alone won’t cut it; they’re now in a race to show the most innovative and practical visions of car interiors and infotainment systems. Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, Ford, and others are about to unveil their Self-driving cars in CES 2018.
2) Never Ending Smart Home Devicestech eventAmazon alexa, echo, Google assistant and Apple’s Siri are high on fight and the next generation Home pods are making with injected Human AI and they are working good on daily life and in the recent apple iOS 11.2.5 Beta 3 Siri can able to read news early in the morning which is reported by 9to5Mac
3) VR to ARtech eventSamsung Gear VR 360, Oculus Rift VR to Apple’s AR days are changed and now the real trend on Tech is AR (Augmented Reality) Here in CES we can see many more AR and VR headsets from various tech companies.

4) Wearable devicestech eventSmart Watches will take main lead in Consumer Electronic Show 2018, where we can see Apple released its Smartwatch 3 with LTE support and a Nano sim support and there will be many Smartwatches shown in CES.
5) Future TV OLED 8K Presentationstech eventLG recently launched its 8K OLED Smart Tv with 88 inches which is the world’s first 8K TV and LG is going to display its 8K TV in CES 2018 and Sony, Panasonic and others are going to launch their 8K TVs too.
6) Wireless Earpods 8 Expectations at CES 218Apple ditched the 3.5mm jack and releases its own Airpods in the market last year and now Google launched its own Google buds which are wireless and now everyone are going to launch their Wireless accessories and we can expect many wireless devices in CES 2018.
7) 5G Technology 9 Expectations at CES 218
Huawei about to unveil its 5G Smartphone and recently Qualcomm released its X50 5G Modem for 2020 mobiles and we are expecting Qualcomm will present the X50 Modem at CES 2018 and other companies like Ericsson is testing its 5G speed and Nokia and Bsnl are working to bring 5G first in India.

Well, these are the trends we can expect from Consumer Electronic Show CES 2018 Biggest Technology Show/Summit and Stay tuned to Wirally Tech for more Tech Stories.