What If Our Fav Characters From Web Series Turn Teachers In Real Life

Today saradhaga web series lo ni mana fav characters manaki subjects teach chesthe ela untundi ane thought vachindi, so aa thought ni apply chesi ey web series lo ni ey character ey subject ni teach chesthe correct ga untundo chuddam padandi..

1. Akhandanand Tripathi – Hindi

Akhandanand Tripathi

2. Walter White – Chemistry

Walter White

3. Cersei Lannister & Jamie Lannister – Biology

Cersei Lannister & Jamie Lannister

4. Michael Scofield – Building Planning and Drawing (Civil engineering)

Michael Scofield

5. Jesse Pinkman – Chemistry Lab Assistant

Jesse Pinkman

6. Gus Fring – Teaches all subjects in MBA

Gus Fring

7. Sandor Clegane AkA The Hound – PET

Sandor Clegane

8. Saul Goodman – Law of Evidence (LLB)

Saul GoodmanThis is Part 1… Part 2 lo malli kaluddam… comments lo mee creativity chupinchandi mari

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