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Mana school and college days lo andaram alochinche oke vishayam, e text books knowledge enta varaku upayogapadatayi, especially science experiments. Oka young team, mana chinapudu epudo chaduvutuna china china concepts ni gurtupetukuni Inqui-Lab Foundation ani start chesi, low cost tho innovative ga manam em cheyochu and school children ki innovative maker program tho project based learning istunaru.Inqui labVella main concept enti antey, Inspire, design, optimize and create. Oka simple concept tesukuni, danni solve cheyadaniki oka design ready cheskovali. Then you have to improve your design solution via collaborative discussions with friends. And final ga oka prototype create cheyadam. It all started by three youngsters, Sahithya, Eshwar and Vivek.Inqui lab

They are planning to set up Incubation Cells in schools and Community Maker Spaces. It is supported by InnovatED, and N/Core Alpha. At present, they are working with nearly 20 schools in Hyderabad and dealing with over 700 children from 24 different classrooms. E youngsters valla children have created 1800+ amazing Design Submissions, and 200+ prototypes.Inqui lab

With the help of this foundation, Sai Priya, who is a student of Government High School in Malakpet, Hyderabad, magnetic repulsion unna cradle invent chesindi for her sister. Denivalla, that cradle automatically rock back and forth annamata. Vala mother, every night padutuna ibbandi chusi, she invented this one. Like Sai Priya, there are many children who have ideas and looking for right platform and guidance to implement them. Ilanti students kosame e foundation start cheyabadindi. Inqui lab
Vellu design chesina, konni prototypes:

1. Gas cylinder which tells us when to replace the cylinder based on weight AND on-off button with inbuilt spark that automatically turns off in case of a gas leak.8 - Cylinder2. Students intlo books marchipodam chala common, this Backpack will tell them through a sound, if homework book is missing.Inqui lab

3. Everytime refill marchakunda, the children invented a Whiteboard marker with refill bottle attached to it.Inqui lab

Aren’t you surprised with these innovations?

Kudos team and keep inspiring!