Check out the success story of Zomato


Mana Indians ki e time lo food kavalanna and that to home delivery, manam first check chese app, undoubtedly Zomato. Asalu Zomato ni epudu ekada evaru launch chesaru and denni success story ento ipudu telusukundam.

1. Usually evarikaina food kosam queue lo nunchovali antey adoka tough task. Ala frustarte ayina iddaru foodies create chesina app e Zomato.1 Check out the success story of Zomato

2. It was founded by Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah. Both are IIT graduates from Delhi and initially, they used to work as Senior Associate Consultant at management consultancy Bain & Co’s New Delhi office and Pankaj as Senior Analyst.2 Check out the success story of Zomato

3. Okasari vallu oka restaurant ki vellinapudu, just menu card chudadanike janalu chala sepu wait cheyadam chusi, they started this ‘Foodiebay’. They the scanned copies of the menu and uploaded it on the company’s private network. Start chesina koddi rojullone, employees denni use cheyadam start chesaru.3 Check out the success story of Zomato

4. The first restaurant menu they uploaded on their portal was those belonging to Haus Khas, Delhi. Delhi, tarvata vallu business Mumbai and Kolkata lo expand chesaru. Hundreds kasta customers count thousands reach aindi. So, deniki Foodiebay ki confusion tappinchadaniki, in November 2010, Foodiebay came to be known as Zomato.4 Check out the success story of Zomato

5. Then to facilitate the people more, the founders of Zomato has launched a mobile application. Danikosam investments kosam wait chestuntey, then founder of renowned job search portal Sanjeev Bikhchandani interested to invest in this project. Ala 2010, he provided seed funding of US$ 1 million through his company Info Edge (India). A next year, the founders received a fund of US$ 3.5 million from the same financers. A tarvata 2012 lo inko US$ 2.5 million invest chesindi same company.5 Check out the success story of Zomato

6. In 2013, same company invested around US $ 10 million and become the holder of 50 % stakes in the start up. Ide kakunda vere companies like Sequoia Capital, Vy Capital and Temasek kuda invest chesaru. 2013 lo e companies anni kalipi around US$37 million funds invest chesaru first installement lo and next round lo US$60 millions invest chesaru.6 Check out the success story of Zomato

7. With 62.5 million registered users, Zomato is a platform where one can get in touch with foodies around the world. Denni advantage ga tesukuntu, top websites anni e site lo advertisements kosam approach ayyaru and Zomato started earning huge from these ads.7 Check out the success story of Zomato

8. First lo vellu chala kastapadaru anni best eateries ni find out cheyadam, but slow ga tana team efforts tho danni achieve chesaru. When they launched their website in Dubai, the co-founder Pankaj Chaddah himself went out in the scorching heat of the summer to take up details of the restaurants.8 Check out the success story of Zomato

9. With the growth of Zomato, the company has reached the second place in the list of top Indian startups as of 2016. With the fourth round of funding the net worth of this company reached US$660 million as quoted by the CEO.9 Check out the success story of Zomato

10. Extending their international roots, they bought the website Urbanspoon, and with this they set foot in the United States, Australia and Canada.10 Check out the success story of Zomato