Chennai Floods : How Siddarth is proving that he’s a real life hero as well

The sudden torrential rains have hampered Chennai and other parts of Tamil Nadu. This has been the worst rains in the last 100 years for Chennai. With railways, major roadways and bridges affected, commuting in most part of the city and state has been affected, bringing the city to a standstill. Access to basic necessities has been damaged extensively. Hence, the Social media has become handy to reach out for help and to help.

While many of our heroes have come forward with some monetary help, Siddarth and R Balaji have taken a step ahead. They have taken the leadership to engage people who are volunteering to help. With Navy doing their best in rescue operations, Sid and Balaji are coordinating with volunteers and doing their bit in reducing the burden.

Like many in Chennai, Siddarth’s house is an affected one too.

During calamities like these, basic amenities are not fulfilled. Sid and R Balaji have been avidly active providing their hand in arranging food packets to conveyance, anything that’s coming their way.

And the help they received was immense.

Seeing Sidharth, Udhay Stalin too came forward to contribute his bit.

It’s heart warming to see how the versatile actor went way beyond his reach through Twitter. The way Siddarth has used social media to help Chennai and its people during the crisis is something we all should not only be proud of, but also learn from. We have seen people expressing condolences during such natural calamities, but how many of us actually take a step forward? Siddarth and R. Balaji have been truly inspiring in this ‘social’ act. They didn’t do it because they have the money, they did for the love of their city. We salute them! Stay strong Chennai!

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