Chennai Floods : Was It A Man Made Disaster? This Video Gives You A Clarity

Chennai Floods,Chennai

The torrential rains that caused a menace to the city of Chennai was one the saddest things to have happened this year. It created havoc disrupting the daily lifestyle of many Chennaites. While most of us saw this as a natural calamity, somewhere deep within, these are the consequences a poor system in place too. While raising a finger against the system may not seem completely viable, at least the damage could have been avoided to an extent. On one side experts tell us that it was due to the high moisture content in the El Nino, the warm ocean currents alongside Pacific coast which arise during the Christmas time. But, the other side unknown to many is that this was an equally man-made disaster.

Negligence of crucial projects, illegal construction of buildings, mind-less urban planning of the city are few reasons that lead to this calamity. This video by Indian Express gives you a clear picture of what went wrong with the Chennai floods

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