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Childhood Memories Of Independence Day Celebrations


Meku gurtunda, mana chinapudu Independence Day and Republic Day manam bale celebrate cheskune vallam. Early morning lechi, ready ayyi, white uniform vesukuni, mana dress ki flag stick cheskuni, school lo friends andarito flag host chesi celebrate cheskune vallam. Ivanni vintunte nostalgia feel avtunam kada. Something edo miss avtuna feeling kuda vastundi. On this Independence Day, just get back into a flash back and recollect the childhood memories of this special day.

1. Decorating notice board and classrooms

Mana creativity motam notice board and classrooms ni decorate cheyadam lo chupinche vallam. Colorful chalk pieces tho Freedom fighters gurinchi quotations tho classroom ni nimpese vallam.

2. Wearing National Flag

Manam discuss chesinattu paina, white and white lo National flag mana heart degara stick cheskuni, oka proud feeling tho school ki vellevallam. And a flag kondaniki mundu roje shopping chesevallam kada.

3. Flag Hosting

A roju morning levadam we don’t feel the pain. We used to show up in our best well-dressed uniforms on time for flag hosting. Chief guest flag host chestuntey National Anthem padutu mana patriotism chupinchevallam.

4. Cultural Programs

Independence Day ki oka 3 days mundu nunde practise chesevallam. Freedom fighters gurinchi songs, mana country gurinchi goppaga feel avtu mana dance performances. Wah! Good Olden Days right? Staying back after school hours, rehearsing at a friend’s place, these are some of the most cherished memories of Independence Day at school.

5. Prize Distribution

Independece Day mundi week manaki essay writing competitions and different sport competitions conduct chesevallu. A results anni Independence Day announce chesi, oka chinna sheild and certificate ichevallu. A roju a prize teskuntey, jeevitam chala sadinchina feeling vachedi.

6. Distribution Of Sweets

Best part of celebrations. Aa sweets or chocolates tesukuntunte, edo teliyani happiness adi matallo cheppelenantha undedi. A sweets lo unde taste and sweetness, nothing can replace it.

But unfortunately, everything has changed now. No more those kind of celebrations and sweets. Ipudu manaki flag wear chese time ledu and not even to salute the National flag. Now, independence day, it’s just like another holiday for us. Late ga lechi, ippudu wishes anni social media lone.

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