Chiranjeevi’s 60 years of inspiring life


It takes untold dreams, passionate hardwork and relentless sacrifice for a person to see the light of success. One such inspiring life is that of Siva Sankar Varaprasad, now known as the Megastar Chiranjeevi.

1. Chiranjeevi was on in Mogalthuru in Andhra Pradesh to a father whose main work was that of a constable and a mother who was a homemaker.chiranjeevi

2. After completing his schooling and college, he did his graduation in commerce where he did many stage plays and other performances too.chiranjeevi

3. He first dreamt of getting into Navy or Police Department but something from his inside urged him to get into acting.chiranjeevi

4. In the year 1976 he got into Madras Film Industry and entered the renewed Telugu Film Industry, which was then ruled by the legendry actors, ANR gaaru, NTR gaaru, Krishna gaaru, Shoban Babu gaaru and many such actors.chiranjeevi

5. He believed in his determination and hardwork and changed his name to Chiranjeevi.. he worked incredibly hard to become a successful actor.chiranjeevi

6. His career began with a lot of ups and downs until a movie that turned all the records off the table got released in the year 1983, Khaidi. This movie got Chiranjeevi all the attention and recognition needed at that time. This did not leave him from hardworking. He did it more.khaidi chiranjeevi

7. His dance movies, dialogues and talent just made him become one of the greatest actors of that decade.chiranjeevi dance

8. He also established the Chiranjeevi Charitable trust in the year 1998 and the blood and eye bank and became a true inspiration to millions.chiranjeevi blood bank

9. In 2006, he was honored the most respectable award, Padma Bhushan.9_chiranjeevi

10. He gave the audience movies with social philosophies hoping to inspire other humans.chiranjeevi

11. In 2008, Chiranjeevi started Praja Rajyam, a political party in the state of Andhra Pradesh.[47]At the launch, he stated that social justice was the main agenda of his party.chiranjeevi party

12. He now got back to his old friend, Film Industry, and is on cinemas with another inspiring film also his 150th golden ticket! Khaidi number 150!chiranjeevi

His story is an example and an inspiration for many people who set their foot back while having to face hardships in the process of reaching success. It does take a lifetime to succeed and this great man taught us a simple moral through his life.