Chitti Reloaded: Here Is The Trailer Breakdown Of Electrifying And Humongous Sci-Fi Thriller 2.0

2.0, Director Shankar nundi vastunna maro most prestigious and epic visual wonder film that all Indians are excited to watch this magnum opus on the Big Screen. It is not a tamil film, it is not a Telugu or south Indian film but its a Indian film.

Yes ill never hesitate to tell that it is a Indian film yes it is because its a director shankars vision and moreover for the first time two Indian super stars Akshay Kumar and Rajinikanth both coming together. ‘Chitti The Robot’ role lo already alarinchina Rajini sir malli ade chitti ga ee sari fifth force nundi world ni save cheyadaniki inkonchem special effects, visuals, tho malli mana munduku vastunnadu.

Few hours back release aina ee goosebumps trailer chusaka definately it’s a going to be a epic in Indian Cinema ani clear ga chepocchu. 2.0 is a epic and electrifying trailer that i never witnessed, i know im not supposed to break down this epic trailer.

I tried to elucidate, sort out every details from this visual wonder 2.0 and here it is.

1. Technology connects us, serves us, but ?

2.0 Trailer Breakdown1C1B

0.12 secs nundi 0.17 varaku vache three shots explains how we are using technology. Technology tho manam connect avthunam, chill avtunnam, service kuda cheyinchukuntunam. Ikkadu varaku bagane undi but what if technology target us.?

2. Technology target cheste ela untadi ?

2B2c2.0 Trailer Breakdown

Yer technology targets …all of sudden mobiles anni edo force tho mayam avadam ee three shots lo clear ga chudocchu. And aa buildings madyalo nundi mobile some force ki fly avuthunna shot aithe topnotch.

3. Fifth force

2.0 Trailer Breakdown3B3C

0.29 secs daggara it will target us ane shot taruvatha vacche three shots lo terrific eagle Fifth Force avatar enough explains the how technology is going to target humans in theatres.

Trailer launch lo Shankar fifth force gurinchi explain chesthu he told that we know all are aware of four forces Gravitational, Electromagnetic, Big Nuclear and small nuclear forces, and what if fifth force exists and target us ane point ea 2.0 main story plot.

4. And the Fifth force Akshay Kumar have some message for humans.

2.0 Trailer Breakdown4B

0.42 seconds daggara vacche scene lo mobiles ensemble aina Akshay terrific eagle avtar chudocchu. And he have a message that mobiles vadutuna varu antha hanthakule ani cheppe scene, reveals that there might be a personal loss to him so he turned out as a Fifth force to take revenge on people.

5. Fifth force consequences.

2.0 Trailer Breakdown5B5c

Very next after his warning fifth force consequences ento 0.45 nundi 0.56 secs varaku vacche three visuals lo clear ga chudocchu. Trailer lo visuals ea ila unte ika theatre and 3D lo visuals ela untayo ??

6. Mari intha jarigaka chitti raka pothe ela ?

2.0 Trailer Breakdown6B6C

Mari ee fifth force ni face cheyali ante supreme force kavalasindi ea kada here comes our Chitti Reloaded 2.0 version.

7. Fifth force vs Chitti.


Like first part 2.0 climax sequence is going to huge and electrifying ani 1.16 secs nundi 1.55 secs madya vacche Chitti and Fifth force madya action, chasing and fight scenes and last lo football stadium lo chusi chepocchu.

2.0 Trailer Breakdown7E

8. Chitti is going to set fire on screens.

2.0 Trailer Breakdown

Mari mana chitti fifth force tho chese adventures, rest of the visual treat chudali ante lets wait for 29th folks.

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