Top 6 Famous Chocolate Brands In India!

If someone says that they do not like Chocolates, they aren’t human. At least that’s what all we chocolate lovers believe in. Chocolates are our first true love and we can share several stories about how chocolates affected our lives and our childhood. Stealing your sibling’s chocolate bar, or fighting for the last piece of the chocolate or even gifting a bar of expensive chocolate for the first time to that special someone, chocolates have been a huge part of childhood memories. And we are still equally obsessed with them. Aren’t we?
There are several chocolates and brands in India. But here are the 6 brands that stood out for all of us. We bet you have tried all these brands at least once in your life.


1 Famous Chocolate Brands In IndiaCadbury is perhaps the most famous chocolate brand all across the globe. A British-multinational company, and is the second-largest confectionery brand after Mars in the whole world. The brand was launched in the early 1800s by John Cadbury in Europe and was introduced to Indians in the late 1950s. From 1 rupee chocolates to luxury celebration packs, Cadbury is India’s favourite chocolate brand. Dairy Milk, Éclairs, Silk, Temptations, Gems and Perk are some of its most celebrated chocolates.


2 Famous Chocolate Brands In IndiaAn Indian brand that is popular for all of its dairy products is Amul. Launched by Dr Vardhese Kurien, in Gujarat in the year 1946, Amul has been a part of the Indian-household since its very inception. What Amul is famous for is its range of dark chocolates. Their range is rich, think and has high-quality cocoa and perhaps that is why we keep going back to this brand over and over. Some of its famous chocolates include Amul Milk Chocolate, Tropical Orange Chocolate, Sugar-Free Dark Chocolate and India Twilight Tryst Dark Chocolate.


3 Famous Chocolate Brands In IndiaWhen we speak of Nestle, Maggie is something that immediately comes to our mind. It, in fact, is one of the oldest brands in India. Launched in 1866 by Henry Nestle in Switzerland, us Indians were introduced to this glorious brand in the year 1860. They are one of the most trusted sweet brands in our country and we honestly cannot do without them. Kitkat, Alpino, Milky Bar and Munch are our treasured Nestle Chocolates.


4 Famous Chocolate Brands In IndiaTalk of luxury and expensive brand, the first chocolate that certainly comes to our mind is Ferrero Rocher. Started by an Italian Multi-National Company, owned by Michelle Ferrero in the year 1946, the chocolate is all about rich and fine chocolate. It was introduced to the Indians in the year 2004 and there has been no looking back for this brand in India. Ferrero Rocher, Mon Cheri and Kinder are a must for self-indulgence.


5 Famous Chocolate Brands In IndiaHershey’s is an extremely popular American brand of chocolates. It has been so famous with the Indian masses, that for a very long time we’ve identified American chocolates with the Hershey’s Kisses or the Hershey’s Bar. We are sure almost all of us have at least once asked our America-returning friends and family to hoard us with the Hershey chocolates and so when this brand was launched in India, we were beyond joy. Be it their choclates, or spreads or syrups, they do bring in quite some thrill to the table.


6 Famous Chocolate Brands In IndiaWhich is the largest selling chocolate brand you ask? Well, everyone knows that is Mars. The OG rulers of the chocolate industry, there is no other brand that can beat Mars, quality and taste-wise. Founded by Frank C in the year 1911, this brand swept over the American markets. Mars, Snickers, Galaxy and M&M’s are thoroughly enjoyed in the Indian market.

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