‘Clock-Boy’ Ahmed Mohammed to sue school district for $15m


Ahmed Mohammed the 14 year old kid who was accused of bringing a bomb to school, has threatened to sue his school and city for compensation of $15 million dollars.

The incident had occurred on September 14th this year when Ahmed had brought a clock to his school as a project in MacArthur High School in Texas. Ahmed had repackaged an electronic clock in a pencil box and brought it to his school. However, his English teacher thought it was a bomb and reported him to the Principal. He was then handcuffed and taken to a juvenile detention facility, fingerprinted, and let off without any charges pressed against him.

The clock that Ahmed brought to school.

The issue created a furore in the US, and the school was accused of Islamophobia. In response, President Barack Obama invited Ahmed to the White House and show him the clock himself.

The boy was also praised by the media, and even Microsoft sent him an entire set of tech goodies.

However, Ahmed’s family relocated to Qatar after receiving an invite from the Qatar foundation. In the latest reports, Ahmed’s family has sued the City of Irving and Irving School District for a collective $15 million for the trauma he was subjected to.



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