Coincidence Or Destiny? Both Meena And Baby Nainika Debuted As Kids


With Theri releasing worldwide and receiving positive feedback from the audience, everyone seems smitten and charmed by Baby Nainika too. Portraying Vijay’s daughter in the movie, she naturally acts like it runs in her blood. And it does. Meena, the legendary yesteryear actress who ruled Tamil cinema during the 80’s, 90’s and early 2000’s must be really proud with her daughter’s debut in the in Atlee’s movie.

However, another great fact is that Meena too, made her debut opposite the legendary ShivajiGanesan back in 1982. To see her daughter following the same path must be an awesome experience not only for her, but for her fans too.

Baby Nainika’s role in Theri:


In Theri, Nainika’s role as Vijay’s daughter sees her portray a surprisingly refreshing role as a happy go lucky 5-year old girl. Throughout the movie, audiences really lapped it up whenever she came across the screen and her dialogue delivery as well as comic timing was perfect.

The atmosphere that was created around the set must have been really energetic as everyone must have had to keep up with her. The camaraderie that she enjoys with both Vijay as well as Amy Jackson is excellent and adds to the value of the movie.

Excellent future:

Baby Nainika

If this performance is anything to go by, then Baby Nainika seems set for a great career in cinema if she continues in this vein.

With so many child artistes proving and displaying talent way beyond their years, it takes something special to really stick out and Nainika has done that with considerable ease. Also, the added benefit of already having a parent who is a legend in the industry works to her benefit.  It won’t be long before we see her act opposite the likes of other big actors in the industry too. Here’s wishing her all the best!

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