Combine The Two Movie Titles And Read, See The Funny Statements They Turn Out To Be


For some saturday fun, we just went through some of the Telugu movie titles and combined them to bring some meaning to the statements. And see for yourself how funny they have turned to be when read together.

To start with a basic one :

A Legend


Now try to tell something wacky about yourself

Nenu Loafer

Nenu - Loafer

Now try out this one..

Pellaindhi Kaani Nuvve Kavali

Pellaindhi Kani..!! - Nuvve Kavali

Getting the flow??

Nijam Ela Cheppanu

Nijam - Ela Chepanu

Life philosophy!

Pranam Pothe Poni!!

Praanam - Pothe Poni

Is you elder brother a crazy guy?

Maa Annaya Pokiri!!

mahesh babuO Chinnadana.. Ninne Premistha!!

O Chinnadana... - Ninne Premistha!!

Now it’s time to call out to some one and confess yourself!!

Orey Rikshaw.. Nuvvu Naaku Nachav!!



Orey Rikshaw!! - Nuvvu Naaku Nachav

And then a finishing touch.

Osey Ramulamma..Ninne Istapaddanu!!

Osey Ramulamma - Ninne Istapaddanu!

And Finally if she accepts your proposal.

Nuvvu Nenu Pellichesukundam!!