Comedian Potti Rambabu Passes Away

As the year is coming to an end, fate took its last call on another comedian, Potti Rambabu. Famously known for his friend character in the film Eshwar alongside Prabhas, Potti Rambabu acted in over 40 films. He was 35 years old.

Reports reveal that he was earlier diagnosed with neural cell damage and had suffered a brain stroke. He was admitted into a private hospital on Sunday when his condition started to deteriorate. In the early hours of Tuesday, Rambabu breathed his last. Like many of his counterparts, he too wanted to make it as a big star. A movie Puli Raja IPS, with him as a lead, was under production when he suffered this brain hemorrhage.

He is survived by a wife, a son and a daughter. It is sad that the coverage he never got during his career, he is getting for his death.

RIP Potti Rambabu.

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