Period Cramps, Ladies? Here Are 6 Comforting Foods You Must During Your Periods Time

Periods can be quite painful. The body endures pain which sometimes becomes unbearable and you might need to seek medical help. A woman’s body goes through several changes during those 5 days and it’s okay if you want to dive into that chocolate cake or Nutella jar. Because, hey, mood swings right?
But, what exactly does your body need to keep its calm and go through the pain? Worry not, ladies as we’ve got your back. Here are 6 foods you need to eat during your period time to lessen the pain.


1 Foods To Reduce Period PainsWater is perhaps the only solution to every problem in the world. During periods your body tends to get dehydrated due to loss of blood. And this is when you need to keep your body extremely hydrated. You can also drink lukewarm water which will help your body to calm down. So, lots of water is the key!


2 Foods To Reduce Period PainsYour body during periods requires food that has anti-inflammatory properties. And fish is loaded with anti-inflammatory compounds. They are also rich in omega-3-fatty acids which are good to reduce stomach pain and body pains. They are home to several vitamins like vitamin D and vitamin B, making period pains bearable.


3 Foods To Reduce Period PainsWhen you are on your periods, you need to eat protein-rich foods. And what better than our favourite source of protein, chicken? Chicken provides your body with protein and helps you keep your body full.


4 Foods To Reduce Period PainsFruits are an important source of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Fruits like watermelon, muskmelon, oranges will keep you hydrated. Also, women have crazy sweet cravings during the period times. But eating too much of sugar can harm your body. So replace desserts and sweets with your favourite fruits like bananas or kiwis.

5.Green Leafy Vegetables

5 Foods To Reduce Period PainsThere is a lot of blood-shed during periods. Right, women? With all the blood loss, it is pretty obvious that there will be a drop in your body’s glucose and iron levels. Now to compensate for that, you need to eat a lot of greens. This will prevent any kinds of dizziness or fatigue in your system.

6.Dark Chocolate

6 Foods To Reduce Period PainsChocolate cravings are very real during the period times. Your body keeps asking for it. But to continuously hog on chocolate is a terrible idea. So, choose dark chocolate over regular chocolate. Also, dark chocolate is said to be rich in iron and magnesium both which your body when you are on your periods.

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