Common Changes In Your Male Best Friend After He Is Married


“Trend marina friend maradey…….kadu, Trend maruthundi friend kuda maruthadu” idi chadivaka miru ae cheptharu.

Friends…. mana life lo good or bad, happy or sad, love celebration or break up, college bunk or FDFS cinema, call or miss call, whatsapp or WTF, beer, biryani and drunken drive, ila anni activities lo mana crime partners mana best friends. But world lo evadu yetu vellina em chesina last ki reach iyye destination matram “Rendu aksharala pelli, moodu mullu”.

Sarey marriage itey aindi but as usual ga manatho antha mundu unnatu undali ga ala undaru. Once they are mingle, we will become single and we have to search for other friends for company.

Let’s check those drastic changes in every married friend’s now a days.

1. Meeru chacchi pothunna kuda they do not have time to pick up your call.Male Best Friend

Marriage ki mundu jio sim nundi call chesina first ring ke call answer chesey vadu after marriage nv chacchina nee cal lift cheyyaru. Atleast vadi birthday or marriage anniversary ki wish cheddam ani meeru cal chesina they won’t pick your call.

2. If you meet him accidentally, he won’t listen to you and say chalo bye ra, will meet u later!Male Best Friend

Sarey call chestey lift cheyyaledu atleast accidental ga road mida bike or inka ekkadaina eduru paditey matladtara antey no. Simple ga edo oka silly reason cheppi mama I’ll meet u later ani escape avtharu.

3. They won’t drink and won’t come to bars at any cost and not ready to accompany you.Male Best Friend

Before wedding ki mundu, case lu case lu beer lu tagi hangover lo vomiting chesi minimum two o clock tarvatha intlo ki veltharu. But after marriage drink cheyyaru and atleast manaki company kuda ivvaru.

4. They won’t attend late night parties like wedding, reception and late night movies.Male Best Friend

Marriage ki mundu weddings ki receptions ki attend ayyi selfiesuu… fb la whatsapp status la upload chesey vadu marriage ipoyyaka 8pm tarvatha atleast inti gate kuda cross cheyyaru.

5. They make surprise us by posting “off to Goa or Kulu manali for honeymoon with wifey”!Male Best Friend

Assala without friends café ki velli 1/2 chai order cheyyani mana frienduu, sudden ga facebook lo off to goa with Wifey ani status lu, photo lu, checkin luuuu…… off course honeymoon antey wife la tho veltharu but entha ina mana friend kada cheppali kada.

6. They are not interested in outing, long drives, holiday trips on weekends like before they do.Male Best Friend

Assala weekend antey, long drive lu, beer lu, friends tho some crazy photo shoot lu or edaina outing destinations for trekking and adventures. But after marriage, scene reverse wife tho kalisi matinee after that dinner atu nundi atu home or any outstation visits with his wifey, ila untadi mana friend weekend after marriage.

7. Inspite of all this bull shit they are started to advice you about getting marriage!Male Best Friend

Yes….. this will be definitely happens for everyone. Vadu cheskoni suffer avthundi chaladu ankunta manaki kuda free advice lu ivvadam start chestharu. Intlo vallaki matches unnai ani chepthu mana parents ki recommend chestharu.

8. Finally they become family oriented and will make you feel like single.Male Best Friend

We feel alone and finally oka clarity vasthundi ika complete ga mana vadu family oriented ani and he have some responsibilities ani. So we have to move on.

Manam ee changes anni vallatho share chestey they won’t admit all this things. And they will simply tell you “You will understand my position better once you get married” ani cheppi simple ga oka smile istharu. Actually ga they curse us to get marry soon. ☹ ☹ ☹ !!!!!!