7 Common Characters You Come Across While Having A Booze Party!!


By Aarti Patil

Who doesn’t love to sit with their friends and have a drink? Drunk or not we all love our friends. Here are a few drunk characters which you can totally relate to in most of your parties. You can even tag that friend who fits in here the best. It’s also much easier to find yourself rubbing shoulders with some people like these at the parties.

The ever Happy One

happy drunk

These guys are in their own world.

The Sad Mate

sadd drunk

They have some reason or the other every time to cry.

Mr. Philosopher 


If you don’t want trouble, just listen to them and take their advice.Or atleast pretend you are listening to them.

The Dancer


Irrespective of how much he is drunk, he sets the floor on fire.

The forever Sober Pal


Hang on are we actually drinking? No Big Deal!!

Slow Mate


You would be sipping your last drink, and your mate will still be in his first.

The Silent and Fast One

fast drinker

Burp..! At the blink of an eye.