A Few Common Things These Tollywood Directors Repeat In Their Movies

Contributed by Vihari Polapragada

Cinema is a creative field, how creative it might be, many of the directors tend to stick to certain path – it can be without their knowledge but many movie directors when scripting or while filming they tend to follow similar things. By observing these, we can easily guess whose film it is. Below are the certain things our directors follow which made their trademark style.

1. Boyapati Srinu :

Boyapati Srinu

We love to start this article with Boyapati Srinu. He is one of the most successful directors in Tollywood and his movies has huge mass following. There are certain things every Boyapati Srinu movie has

a. Gravity Defying Stunts – This obviously comes first in the list. Goons just fly in the air.

b. Pure Mass – How classy story he might attempt he love to take the mass route. He redefines mass concepts with his every movie.

c. Problems for heroine – In almost all the movies, it is the heroine who is facing the brunt of villains. No problem, hero is there to rescue her.

2. VV Vinayak :

VV Vinayak

VV Vinayak is correct synonym for commercial cinema in Tollywood. His movies follow few commercial templates that we can observe easily. Let us have a look.

a. Comedy – VV Vinayak movies of late are more of comedy. There will be superb comedy episodes, especially in villain’s gang.

b. Flashback episodes – We have to be ready for a flashback episode if it is a VV Vinayak film.

c. Dual roles – Not certainly in every movie but VV Vinayak has the tendency to design dual roles in many movies.

3. Rajamouli :


Rajamouli is one of the most successful director not only in Tollywood but also pan India. Even for the most successful directors there are certain templates he follow.

a. Terrific interval bang – While the movie is of any genre, Rajamouli just takes care of interval bang. It will be just terrific that audience don’t want to get off their seats in meantime.

b. Grandeur – Rajamouli movies are synonym to grandeur. Even if it is a movie related to fly, he takes care that film has to be grandeur.

c. Powerful Villain – Rajamouli believes that villain should be powerful enough that when hero beats villain, hero will become more powerful. Simple logic right ?

4. Srinu Vaitla :

Srinu Vaitla

Srinu Vaitla is not in the best phase of his career but once his movies have huge audience reception. These are some common concepts we observed.

a. Confusion/Bakara comedy – Most of the Srinu Vaitla movies followed this route. He has faced blockbusters as well as disasters with this concept.

b. Different slangs – Srinu Vaitla loves to keep different slangs in his movie be it Godavari slang or Rayalaseema or Telangana etc., In every film there will be multiple slangs.

c. Unique names for characters – In Srinu Vaitla’s films you are in store to listen different/unique names for characters. These will be so funny that you tend to laugh just by hearing the name.

5. Gautham Menon :

Gautham Menon

Though Gautham Menon is basically a Tamil director, he has done some straight Telugu films. So we included him in the list.

a. Independent heroine – Generally few directors in the name of bubbly, design heroine characters to be senseless but Gautham Menon heroines are independent and mostly do jobs.

b. Classy action – Though Gautham Menon is known to handle love stories better, his action scenes too are a talking point. All his action entertainers have class written all over it.

c. Realistic approach – Gautham Menon believes in realistic approach. His heroes are simple and doesn’t go overboard.

6. Sukumar :


Sukumar is considered as one of the most intelligent directors in Tollywood. Though touted to be intelligent, he do repeat certain things in his films.

a. Complex screenplay – Sukumar doesn’t believe in linear screenplay. Though it is a love story he love to take non-linear route.

b. Item Songs – These are must in Sukumar’s films and happy thing is that most of them are blockbusters.

c. Problems for hero – In almost all his movies, Sukumar tends to attach certain problems for hero be it egoistic or disability to hero. In one movie he has memory loss, in another hearing problem etc.,

7. Koratala Shiva :

Koratala Shiva

Though he has done only three movies so far, Koratala Shiva has already left his mark in Tollywood. All his movies are no less than a blockbuster. He too has some common aspects. Have a look.

a. Subtle heroism – Koratala Shiva believes in subtlety. His hero speaks less do more. Don’t go overboard.

b. Social cause – Which genre film it might be, Koratala Shiva includes a social cause. He believes that everyone has to be responsible.

c. No comedy tracks – Koratala Shiva doesn’t believe in comedy tracks nor he concentrates on comedy. He just tells what he wanted to straight to the point.

8. Puri Jagannath :

Puri Jagannath

Puri Jagannath has created a certain type of heroism in Tollywood. His heroes are different when compared to other movies. Common templates in his movies are

a. A rough approach to hero – Puri Jagannath heroes carry certain arrogance with him. This is what his movies are about. He also tend to give his heroes unique dialogue delivery style.

b. Frustration on society – Be it his own experiences or what he studied, Puri Jagannath just expresses frustration on society with his dialogues.

c. Punch dialogues – Puri Jagannath is majorly known for this hero. His punch dialogues from all his movies are widely popular.

9. Trivikram Srinivas :

Trivikram Srinivas

Last but not least, here comes our magician with words Trivikram Srinivas. Let us have a look at what he follows in every movie.

a. Classy heroism – Trivikram Srinivas loves to elevate his heroes in classy approach. It might sound different but they are treat to watch.

b. Punch dialogues – His dialogues are famous as Trivikram mark punches among audiences. They are widely used in day to day life as well.

c. Dumb heroines – Wonder why does that in every movie. His heroines are the dumbest of the lot.

These are some common qualities we observed in every director movies. Let us know if we missed any.

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