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15 Things That Were Considered Luxury For Indians Who Grew Up In The 90s


Aa rojullo (I mean 90s) luxury ante oka colour tv, oka Sony walkman, oka razorback cycle, Rs 2 pocket money anthe. Ippudu enni unna saripovatla eppudu edho oka tension, kaalam venakki velthe bagundu anipistuntundi. Let’s go back to those beautiful days where we are innocent & happy.

Here are a few things which were considered luxury for many people like me who grew up in the 90s middle-class family in India.

1) A color television set with a cable connection – Probably the most luxurious item for every middle-class Indian family.

Luxury For Indians2) Bajaj Scooter – Your dad dropped you to school in his scooter and you felt proud in front of your friends.

3) Birthday cake – Remember, how happy and excited you were when your parents bought lovely cake and invited your friends for your birthday party.

4) Sony Walkman

5) Light Up Sneakers…

6) Video Games – You played Super Mario and Contra games at your friend’s house a lot but you wished you owned one for yourself.

7) Landline Phone – One was enough for the entire joint family.

8) Having 2 rupees note in your pocket was a big deal for you.

9) Owning A Razorback cycle or Gear Cycle

10) If you are a girl, you surely must have dreamt of buying at least one Barbie Doll which your parents could not afford so easily

11) Tape Recorder

12) Fancy school stationeries – Remember those magnetic Camel compass box and Crayon colours?

13) Eating out in a restaurant with a family or getting an ice cream treat from your dad… occasionally.

14) You always wanted to take a ride in Ambassador car or Maruti 800.

15) Gas Stove – Your mom used to cook for you every day in that hazardous kerosene stove before gas stove replaced it.


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