Meet The Hyderabadis Who Can Convert Your Petrol/Diesel Vehicle To An Electric One

Startups…ippudu unna generation antha jobs kanna ekkuva veeti meedha concentrate chestunnaru. New Ideas, new thoughts tho roju ki konni vela startups pudutunnayi…within no time lo konni close avtunnayi kuda.

Kani Hyderabad based ga oka startup start aindi…oka innovative thought which is helpful for the environment and people idea tho ee startup ni start chesaru mana young entrepreneurs.

Petroldiesel VehicleMari ee startup ento…enduku manku at the same environment ki useful oo once telusukundham padandi.

Akbar Baig and Ashhar Ahmed Shaikh Who hails from Hyderabad are founders of BharatMobi, a startup which turns normal vehicles to electric ones:

2014-2018 madhya Chennai, SRM University lo engineering chaduvutunna time lo Hyderabad based Akbar Baig and Ashhar Ahmed Shaikh iddariki ee startup idea vacchindi. Inthaki startup thought entante petrol/diesel vehicles ni electric vehicles ga marchadam.

Petroldiesel VehicleEe idea University lo professors and friends tho share chesukunte…good idea ani encourage chesaru. Ala ee encouragement taruvatha iddaru kalisi…Oka Maruti 800 car tisukunnaru. First attempt lone Maruti 800 ni successful ga,…electric vehicle ga marcharu. Ika ee idea tho existing cars ni ila electric cars ga marche startup chesthe ela untadha ane idea vacchindi villaki ?

After the first and second attempts of Maruti 800 & Maruti Esteem…Akbar Baig and Ashhar Ahmed started BharatMobi in 2017, Hyderabad.

Petroldiesel VehicleAfter Maruti 800 ni full fledged electric vehicle ga convert chesina Akbar and Ahmed…Esteem vehicle ni full fledged electric vehicles ga convert chesaru. Ike ee confidence tho…Hyderabad lo 2017 lo BharaMobi ane startup petti vehicles ni electric vehicles ga convert cheyadam start chesaru.

As of now their startup has converted 30+ vehicles and they want to convert more for better environment and non-polluted vehicles for the better future:

Petroldiesel VehicleWith this retrofitting vehicle conversions we want to create a new better India and India as pollution free nation says Ahmed and Akbar. If people and Government of both Telugu states came forward and support this startup mana states lo old vehicles ni upgrade avvadam tho patu pollution tagginche cars ni encourage chesinattu avutundi better city ni construct chesinattu avtundhi.

Features of electric vehicles:

Petroldiesel VehicleEe startup dwara convert chese electric vehicles can be charged on any 16 Amp socket with their onboard charging facility and the vehicle will take 3.5-4 hours to charge fully. After conversion, these hatchbacks and sedans offer a battery range of 80KM per charge with air conditioning and a top speed of 80 kmph. They are powered by a 15 KW motor, a LiFePO4 battery with a well-structured battery management system, and a controller for battery and motor.

For more information about this startup please go through the below link:

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