Cooking Tips From Professional Chefs To Make You An Amazing Cook

Cooking can be tough, especially when you’re looking to achieve restaurant like experience, the food there is prepared by experienced professional chefs who have mastered the art of cooking for a number of years, lucky for you, we have some tips for you which are used by some of the best chefs in the world, after this you will even be able to impress Gordon Ramsey.

Let’s take a look at some the cooking tips from professional chefs

Have a sharp Knife

Having a dull knife only makes your job much more difficult, and it can be dangerous for you. Make sure you use a high-quality knife and that you sharpen it regularly.

Taste as you go        You should know what the dish tastes like before serving it so that you can make those tiny adjustments. Sometimes a little more salt or a dash of spice brings perfection to your dish.

Keep everything in place

One of the most important tips that all chefs follow is this, it’s called mise en place in French, which means keep everything ready and in place before you start cooking. This means that you should give everything measured, peeled, chopped, pans greased and within reach.

Don’t forget to garnish

To make an impression on your guests, throw a simple garnish on your finished platter: Microgreens are easy and beautiful, or take an element from the dish, such as whole herb sprigs or extra spice, and add just a small amount to create a pop for the eye.” –Willcox (A famous Chef)

Don’t overcrowd the pan“When cooking in a pan, don’t overcrowd. This will create steam instead of direct heat.” –Chef and restaurateur Eric LeVine, partner at Paragon Tap & Table and Mforris Tap & Grill

Warm the plates to achieve a restaurant-like experience

“Keep your plates in the oven for a little while before serving to keep the food warm” Chef Judy Joo of Jinjuu in London. This will make sure that your food stays warm throughout the meal, be careful though and try not to burn your hands.

Allow the meat to rest

Allow the meat to rest means, let it sit for a little while before cutting it, this way the meat will absorb all the juices and it will be much more delicious.

Use the Right oils

There are a number of different cooking oils present in the market, each different from each other, they can alter the taste of your dish significantly, they also have different smoking temperatures, so make sure you are using the appropriate oils for your dish.

Seasoning is the key

One of the best professional tips that any cook will give you is this, if you want your food to be enjoyable and memorable, you must season! You can season with salt, herbs, spices or anything that will enhance flavor. Another helpful tip is seasoning at the right time, for example, herbs should be added at the end.

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