12 Simple Cooking Tricks You Need To Learn During The Quarantine Period!

Quarantine period has got us all on learning new things. Most of us are trying to pick a new hobby or are perfecting what we already love doing.
Amidst, all this chaos, why not learn to perfect your cooking? These cooking tricks are not just for beginners but also for those who enjoy cooking immensely. So, here are 15 simple tricks that will hopefully make you a pro at cooking by the end of quarantine.

1.Cook perfect rice.

1 Cooking Tricks During QuarantineWhile cooking rice is literally one of the easiest to cook, most people still fail at it. We love perfectly cooked fluffy rice, don’t we? And yet most of the times, our rice remains undercooked or overcooked. So, how do you avoid this? Well, it is a two-step process. Ensure to wash your rice properly and nicely. And, then avoid lifting off the lid off you cooker while the rice is being cooked. It has to be steamed properly to make the rice fluffy.

2.Perfect your sandwiches.

2 Cooking Tricks During QuarantineWho does not fancy sandwiches? If you do too, then this is your time to make perfect grilled sandwiches at home. Avoid using processed butter or cheese. Instead grill them with homemade mayo. It gives your sandwiches much better flavour and honestly mayo can be made in less than 10 minutes with just four ingredients. (Link to how to make Mayo at home: https://wirally.com/how-you-can-make-mayonnaise-at-home/)

3.Boil your Potatoes with ease.

3 Cooking Tricks During QuarantineMost of us struggle with an old peeler to peel off our potatoes. This process is tedious and consumes a lot of time. Avoid this by boiling your raw potatoes with a dash of salt. Boil them for 15-20 minutes and then transfer them to a bowl of cold water or water with ice cubes and voila you have your potatoes ready to be easily peeled.

4.Bake your own cookies.

4 Cooking Tricks During QuarantineChocolate-chip cookie lovers, anyone? Sure, you could go and try authentic and already tried and tested recipes. But why not add your own fusion to it? You could add a bit of orange or lemon zest to it for a tangy and sour taste. Or, even filled it with Nutella or Hersheys for a creamy filling. Play around with flavours and let us know if it worked for you.

5.Make fritters with Green leafy vegetables.

5 Cooking Tricks During QuarantineFritters or Pakodas are what we all love. They are our favourite snacks for tea-time, aren’t they?
You must have tried making them with several vegetables or for that matter even with meat. But, did you ever eat a pakoda made with leafy vegetables? If you haven’t, you ought to. Loaded with flavours, they will become your favourite munching snacks. (Link to How to make Palak Pakoda:


6.Make your own Caramel Sauce.

6 Cooking Tricks During QuarantineAre you a dessert person? Then we are sure it must be super tough for you during this lockdown to find desserts. So why not make it at home? And, most desserts need a sauce or a base and if you take your caramel seriously, then you must learn how to make it right away. Caramel sauce is super easy to make. All you need is sugar, water, cream and a pinch of salt and you are all set to make your own caramel sauce.

7.Best way to slice a Mango.

7 Cooking Tricks During QuarantineWe wait all year for summer as it is mango season. But, have you ever wondered which is the easiest and the right way to cut open a mango? Well, several big-shot chefs recommend this method of slicing a mango: Cut your mango in half in a vertical way and then cut even squares all along the fruit into each half. Once, you do that, all the slices will come off easily when you flip it in a bowl.

8.Try your hand in making Pizzas.

8 Cooking Tricks During QuarantineIs your favourite pizza spot closed? Do not worry as pizza making is not a task. All you need is dough, some toppings and lots of cheese. But make sure you proof your dough before placing it in the oven. The best part about making pizza at home? You can add as many toppings as you want.

9.Cook creamy and delicious scrambled eggs.

9 Cooking Tricks During QuarantineGive us eggs for any meal and during any time of the day and we will be okay with it. And, scrambled eggs are perhaps the easiest dishes to cook with eggs. But, did you know that adding mayo, cream or butter to your scrambled eggs will make your eggs fluffier. And, if eggs are what you are surviving on during this lockdown, then why not, experiment with your food in a right way?

10.Make the best cup of Coffee

10 Cooking Tricks During QuarantineWe are obsessed with our coffee and how. Our days do not start without having a steaming hot cup of delicious coffee. On most days, we use instant coffee. But, hey what is your excuse now? Make yourselves coffee with already stocked up coffee beans. Put your coffee filter to use at least now. And, for that extra perfect cup of coffee, add a dash of salt to your coffee beans to cut off its natural bitterness. (Thank us later.)

11.Learn to cook your favourite meat.

11 Cooking Tricks During QuarantineThis has to be the toughest part right? Not able to order in your favourite Mutton Biryani or Tandoori Chicken. But hey, on a brighter side, you might be able to learn how to cook your favourite meat. It does not have to be extravagant or has to be biryani. Start of by making simple curries. Honestly, they do not require many ingredients too. All you need are ginger-garlic paste and spices. (Which we are sure are already stocked up in your houses.)

12.Manage excess salt in food.

12 Cooking Tricks During QuarantineOh! Come on. We’ve all been there. We have all misunderstood our ingredients and added that extra dose of salt. When it comes to salt, we’ve all made errors while making pulaos, curries or fries. So, do you have to throw your food away? Or, can you undo it? Of course you can. There are several remedies for this. You can add some water to your curry or add a few spoons of milk or curd to neutralize the effect of the salt. You can also add vegetables like tomatoes or potatoes which will absorb the salt and helps to neutralize the dish.

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