We Have Counted The Number Of Repeating Words In These Tollywood Songs Just Coz Of Our Followers’ Request

Recent ga oka article lo konni songs heroes eeni times heroines name tisukunnaro count chesi rasthe daniki mana followers daggara nundi crazy response vacchindi. And also some of our followers asked to count repeating words in some songs like Ramulo Ramulo from AVPL, Mind Block from SLN and Nuvvu Nuvvu from Khadgam.

Mari mana followers cheppinave kakunda inka konni memu choose chesukunna songs lo repeating words enni unnayo chuseddama ?

1. Number of times Nuvvu word repeated in the Nuvvu Nuvvu song is 99

1 Nuvvu2. Number of times Nuvvu word repeated in the ‘I wanna follow follow follow follow’ song is 98

2 Follow3. Number of times Mr. Perfect word repeated in the ‘Mr. Perfect’ song is 22

3 Mr Perfect4. Number of times Ramulo..Ramula word repeated in the Ramulo Ramula song is 22

4 Rumlo Ramula5. Number of times Inkem word repeated in the Inkem Inkem Kavale song is 15

5 Inkem6. Number of times Mind Block word repeated in the Mind Block song is 64

6 Mind Block7. Number of times Cheliya word repeated in the ‘Cheliya Cheliyaa’ song is 16 ( Gharshana)

7 Cheliya8. Number of times Priya word repeated in the Oh Priya Priya song is 11

8 Oh Priya Priya9. Number of times Mahanati word repeated in the Mahanati song is 24

9 Mahathai10. Number of times Ringa word repeated in the Ringa Ringa song is 180+

10 Ringa

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