Missing IPL? Don’t Worry Take This Quiz & Prove Yourself A Diehard Fan !

Indian Premier League ee league edo vibrations untayi, ee peru vinte average cricket lovers egirii gantestharu. Mana Indians tho patu other countries lo ee league ki diehard fans unnaru. National teams kante kuda ee local teams and vallu ade games kosam thega wait chestuntaru. Alantidhi ee year ee corona debbaki league kastha postpone aindi. Ee debaki amana IPL fans antha deela padipoyaru.

Ila dull aipoina mana diehard IPL fans kosam oka simple and crazy IPL quiz okati prepare chesamu…mari adesi meeru entha diehard fan oo prove chesukondi…!


#1. The Month,Date & Year of First IPL match played in ?

#2. Who was the player to score the maiden century in IPL and score ?

#3. Chris Gayle played destructive innings of 175 runs in just 66 balls, but against which IPL team?

#4. In which IPL edition Sreeshanth was slapped by Harbhajan Singh ?

#5. Only foriegn Players to play 100+ matches for one single team in IPL ?

#6. Virat Kohli is the player with most runs in One IPL Edition ? Any idea about his runs and year ?

#7. In 2009, Rohit Sharma had a hat-trick, playing for Deccan Chargers in 2009 against ?

#8. Only team which has changed 11 captains in consecutive 11 IPL Seasons ?

#9. West Indies bowler who has the most wickets (32) in one IPL Season ?

#10. Only player to have the most hat-tricks (3) in IPL history ?

#11. Only Indian Player to have the most fifties (38) in IPL History ?

#12. Fastest ball (154.0 KMPH) bowled by which bowler in IPL history ?

#13. Bowler who has the most maiden overs (14) IN IPL ?

#14. Only cricketer to feature in the 1st and 500th match of IPL ?

#15. Only team to have both the highest 263 and lowest 49 total scores in IPL ?


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