Crack This Quiz Of Megastar & Prove Yourself As A Die-hard Fan

Megastar ante grace dance lu, megastar ante fight lu, athani mass masala dialogues… ila Chiru gurinchi topic vasthe ala cheppestha untaru manalo unna chala mandi megafans.

Ilanti mega cults andariki oka chinna test, meeku Chiru ante ento? Chiru ante entha adbhimanamo chuyinchukune time vachesindi. Em ledu just chinna quiz anamata, ee mega quiz lo meeru minimum 5 cheyaka pothe …mega fan ani cheppukokandi please.


Yes meeru assalaina megaFan

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Don’t Call Yourself As A Megafan
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#1. Chiru First Act Chesina Movie Edi? First Release Aina Movie Edi?

#2. Chiru Acted In 23 Movies With This Director..

#3. Chiru’s _________ Is The First Movie To Cross 10+ Crores Gross In TFI

#4. He Received 1.25 Crore as Remuneration For The First Time In India For Which Movie …?

#5. Chiru movies lo oka movie ‘The Hunters of The Indian Treasure’ english lo dub aindi which is first South Indian movie ever.. ah movie edi ?

#6. After Which movie Chiru got his star title ‘Megastar’ ?

#7. Chiru did most number of movies (19) with actress ______ ?

#8. ________ is the Chiru’s first straight Hindi film

#9. Chiru received Rs _______ as his first remuneration for the movie Manavoori Pandavulu

#10. First Silver Jubilee Hit (175 Days) for Chiru was _______?

#11. He received his first filmfare award for ____?

#12. Two movies of Chiru which were dubbed into Russian language ?

#13. Music director who composed music for 40 movies of Chiru

#14. For which movie did Chiru take 7 Cr as his remuneration which was the highest for any actor in India at that time.

#15. Chiru won his First Nandi Award for _____ ?


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