Craving For A Desi Style Burger? Head Out To Rani Gunj For A Treat!

Can we ever get tired of good street food?

Also, let’s just admit this, we are always looking out for epic food joints. And Secunderabad has a lot of such food joints to offer. Tucked in the streets of Rani Gunj is this hidden gem, Shalimar Tiffins and Snacks. Extremely popular for its Tawa Premium Burgers, this place is always hustling and bustling with crowd. The burgers are filled with gooey cheese and the buns are extremely delicate. Wholesome experience is what you can expect from Shalimar.

Sunny Leone BurgerTheir menu has several varieties of Chat and Sandwiches including Cutlet Chat, Samosa Chat, Manchurian Pav Bhaji, and Cheese Grill Sandwich. And, if you love your dosas, then you have to try their Shahi Paneer Dosa, Cheesey Dosa and Red Chilli Flakes Exotic Dosa. But then, as we mentioned the superstar of this tiny stall is their Premium Tawa Burger also known as Sunny Leone Burger. Yes, you’ve heard us right. Sunny Leone is the name of the burger and the locals just rave about this. The burger is filled with vegetables including Potatoes, Capsicums and Paneer. And, if you ask us what else could get better than this, the burgers are filled with lots and lots of Cheese.

The buns are toasted and buttery and the stuffing is generously filled and is neatly packed, making it easier for us to eat, without spilling of everything. And what makes these burgers different from every other food joint in the city, is that the burgers after cooked are tossed in a mixture of butter and chilli paste. If you can handle the spice ask them to increase the heat and if you don’t just tell them to reduce it. They’d gladly do it.

Sunny Leone BurgerThe burgers are priced from INR 60 and honestly you cannot find better vegetarian burgers at this price in the city. Also, for such a tiny joint, the place is very well maintained and follows proper hygiene. So what are you waiting for? Head out to Rani Gunj and treat yourself a Tawa Burger and Butter Milk at Shalimar with your friends.

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