Take A Look At These Crazy Crossovers No One Asked For – Ft Hollywood & Tollywood Movies

Abba abba Enna creativity thalaiva ila anakunda undalemu konni sarlu FB lo page la creativity chustunte. Ala enna creativity thalaivaa ani anipinchela chesindi BangSters ane page, vallu chesina ‘Epic Crossover Hollywood and Tollywood’ chuste meeru kuda ide maata antaru, ey maata ‘Enna Creativity Thalaivaa’

#CrossoversNobodyWanted Ft. Hollywood and Tollywood !

Credits: BangSters

1) A vigilante hero roaming at night around the streets of kondaveedu

Fb Img 15917556023012) Transformers

Fb Img 15917557118113) Let’s Time Travel

Fb Img 15917557139014) A man goes to Himalayas to learn magics from a spiritual guru

Fb Img 15917557498845) Only hero who cannot die over the years and keeps protecting the people

Fb Img 15917557569246) Born to a sahasaveerudu and sagarakanya

Fb Img 15917557941507) A woman who is powerful in her world comes to earth to protect the people

Fb Img 15917558488128) A Gang on a mission which involves chasing and stealing

Fb Img 15917558922859) A son who is lost in his own way finds his true path after discovering his father’s legacy

Fb Img 159175594030810) Rich people’s Nirmala Convent

Fb Img 159175600369811) Osahoo OSahooo…

Fb Img 159175602735612) A love story on a boat ft. Vennello Isaka Thinnello

Fb Img 159175604855013) Group of heroes and bunch of characters unite together where every frame is colorful

Fb Img 159175634857214) Once upon a time two good friends who gets divided as a dispute arise between their families

Fb Img 1591756398456

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