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Created By Indians, Owned By Coca-Cola: The Story of Most Loved Soft Drink ‘Thums Up’


Mana Indians ki istamaina foods list lo first Biryani ela untadho istamaina cool drinks list lo Thumps Up ala untadi. Biryani tinna, intlo edaina functions aina, casual ga friends tho edaina restaurant ki vellina Thumps Up compulsory. Ee roju India’s most loved soft drink aina Thumps Up assala mana brand eh na? Mana brand aithe Coca-Cola ela purchase chesindi? Anedi ippudu telusukundam padandi…

Created By Indians-Owned By Coca-Cola: The Story of Most Loved Soft Drink ‘Thums Up’

1. Undoubtedly Thums Up is one of the most loved, soft drink brands sold in India. Did You Know that Thums Up was invented by Indians, an Indian brand owned by Coca-Cola now?

2. Let’s get into the brief history of Thums Up, how it was created? How this beloved soft drink became so popular in India.

3. Thums Up was created in 1977 by the Chauhan brothers, Ramesh Chauhan-Prakash Chauhan & their research team after the American company Coca-Cola withdrew from India.

4. Coca-Cola built their market in India before 1972 but they left India after the Indian foreign exchange act was implemented in 1974. Indian Govt asked cola to disclose its formula & sell 60% of its equity to an Indian company under a government plan, but, they rejected and flew from India.

5. This turned out to be a golden opportunity for Chauhan Brothers who were already in the soft drinks business with ‘Limca’ and the popular ‘Gold Spot’ soft drink.

6. With the idea of an alternate drink for Cola, Ramesh Chauhan had developed the formula from scratch, experimenting with ingredients such as cinnamon, cardamom, and nutmeg.

7. After much testing and experimentation, the Chauhan brothers and their research team created a cola that was fizzier and spicier than Coca-Cola. They originally planned to name the drink “Thums Up,” but removed the “b” to make the name more unique.

8. Thums Up entered into the Indian Market in 1977 and quickly became famous and achieved a near-monopoly among cola products in India during the 1980s, such as Campa Cola, Double Seven, Dukes, and United Breweries Group’s McDowell’s Crush.

9. With its unique taste, sponsorships & celebrity endorsements, Chauhan Brothers succeeded in making Thums Up a household name in India until Pepsi entered India in 1991.

10. Thums Up & Pepsi subsequently engaged in heavy competition for endorsements. Pepsi roped in stars like Juhi Chawla, SRK, and Sachin while Thums Up increased its spending on cricket sponsorship. It’s going well but Coca-Cola bought the Parle-owned drinks Gold Spot, Limca, and Thums Up for $60 million.

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