‘World’s Most Exceptional Teacher’ Wins ₹7 Crore Prize From India, Splits it With His Fellow Finalists


Teaching Is All About Giving – Ranjitsinh Disale

Ezgif.com Gif Maker (8)Global Teacher Prize, was founded by the Varkey Foundation in 2014 to recognise an exceptional teacher who has made outstanding contribution to the profession.

This Year the Global Teacher Prize award has been grabbed by our very own Ranjitsinh Disale.

Ranjitsinh Disale, 32, from Paritewadi village in Maharashtra’s Solapur district, emerged the winner among 10 finalists from across the world.

He is a primary school teacher and has won this award in recognition of his efforts to promote girls’ education and trigger a quick-response (QR) coded textbook revolution.

He shared his cash prize of $1 million with his fellow finalists, and he believes that teachers are the world’s “real changemakers” and it’s his privilege to share 50 per cent of his prize money with his fellow finalists to support their incredible work.

He is the first winner Of Global Teacher Prize to share the prize money with his fellow finalists.

Ranjitsinh Disale said:

Ezgif.com Gif Maker (9)“Teachers are the real changemakers who are changing the lives of their students with a mixture of chalk and challenges. They always believe in giving and sharing. Therefore, I am very pleased to announce that I will share 50 per cent of the prize money equally among my fellow top 10 finalists to support their incredible work. I believe, together, we can change this world because sharing is growing.”

“The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed education and the communities it serves in a multitude of ways. But, in this hard time, teachers are giving their best to make sure every student has access to their birthright of a good education.”


Ezgif.com Gif Maker (7)Mr Disale arrived at the Zilla Parishad Primary School at Paritewadi in Solapur in 2009, the primary school looked like cattle shed and a storeroom.

He took the task of changing the Zilla Parishad Primary School and he did it quite succesfully. He translated the textbooks into their mother tongue, and also embedded them with unique QR codes to give students access to audio poems, video lectures, stories and assignments.

Mr Disale’s school went on to become the first in Maharashtra to introduce QR codes. And to his credit, no teenage marriage has been reported in the village and there has been 100 per cent attendance of girls at the school.

And Mr Disale’s “Let’s Cross the Borders” project has connected young people from India and Pakistan, Palestine and Israel, Iraq and Iran, and the US and North Korea.

And this great teacher spends his weekends taking students for demonstrating scientific experiments from the science lab he built in his home.

People like Ranjitsinh Disale makes us believe, that the world is indeed a beautiful place to live.

Huge respect to you sir…🙏🙏🙏