Curiosity Kills The Cat ! And We Don’t Really Mind If It’s This Exquisite!!

It’s a very quirky thing, isn’t it? Curiosity Kills The Cat. The sentence in itself is so well thought out and particularly elusive, that it makes you pause in your step for a moment, and take notice. That is precisely what happened to me, when I came across a stall at Comic Con Hyderabad, hanging banners and posting placards of the said sentence. Minutes later, checking out the mesmerising paintings on display at the stall, I had a realisation that I wasn’t probably equipped enough to properly appreciate it. In order to understand them, I had to speak to the brilliant mind behind them. And a good five months later, I had the opportunity to finally get some answers through my conversations with Reshmi Sekhar. Read On my excerpts from the talk…

10Hello, Reshmi. You know what, I’ll just have to get it off my chest…What Does Curiosity Kills The Cat, stand for? And how come you chose abstract painting to express yourself?
Curiosity Kills The Cat stands for everything arty, crazy, experimental and quirk. The namesake because there is a cat hidden somewhere in every drawing I make.
I’ve always enjoyed doodling (I’m an architect by profession and drawing is practically all I did for 4 years) so post college, the progression into art was (somewhat?) natural.

12Somewhat.. Yeah! I’ve always had this nagging doubt, Is there a moment in life where one decides to be an artist. I mean can you probably point out at one?
It’s hard to recall actually, I’ve had phases where I’ve enjoyed drawing/ painting but nothing stuck on till I started architecture.


Guess that was it then…Is there a particular genre that you are more inclined towards presently?
Right now, I love what I do. I do draw a lot about how music makes me feel. So exploring the album art and gig poster bit is what I’m leaning towards currently.. I also love architecture, so I would want to find a mid-ground between these two.

16 Also, Many at times we look at paintings going for a particular theme or soul? Do you look for any such inclusions in yours?
I don’t think so much before I draw. Besides, everyone interprets art differently right? Music can influence me the most I guess so that would be my biggest inspiration.
Any form of art at the end of the day is a means of expression. As long as that is honest I think you’ve hit both the theme and soul bit.


So Very True..What do you look in muses as such, …or is it that, you go for a very abstract imagination? How does it work for you?
I love endlessly going through art and photos. Especially ocean and star-sky related stuff. That intrigues me. Nothing is fresh or new – everything you create stems from a trigger from something else. So your art is a product of these little culminations.

1 (5)That is the thing, I guess. So here, How easy or difficult is it for a talented painter such as yourself, to probably make it big presently ?
It depends on what you achieve as an artist. This is such a great time for the industry in India. There are so many creative minds out there and so much beautiful collaborative work being put out.
So yes it’s a lot of work but it’s very rewarding. And yes-social media has made it easy to display your work and reach a large audience, so it is an extremely important in today’s fast paced Digi-world.

9 Now to something interesting ( I think ), What according to you are the five most beautiful paintings in India or in fact even World, that makes you derive soul from, time and again ?
My number one favourite is Starry Night by Van Gogh. There is something about the colours that has always put me in a trance.
I love all of Tyeb Mehta’s art. It always gives me something fresh to think about.
Joanna Davala, a Bangalore based illustrator whose work I came across recently. I always find myself going back to her art.. It’s so simple and so beautiful. The big fat Minimalist – Anirudh Mehta – ALL of his work. Love it.
Tanjore Paintings. Radically different from what I do, which is why there’s so much to learn from it. The forms and figures really jump at you. So much of a story is told through those expressions.
14Quite a list there Reshmi, Wonderful. I’m curious though, What kind of equipment and boards do you prefer to use?
Most of my work is hand done.. I’m just about beginning to explore digital mediums. I use ink pens (they give you the best control over your hand), Rotring Pens, a lot of pro markers,pencils of course,watercolors, graphite paints and dry graphite.
Just use whatever material that is lying around. Sure, art supplies are expensive, but it’s no fun till you throw in some coffee stains. As for paper, textured heavier paper if you’re using heavier mediums. Otherwise a simple sketchbook and ink pen does the trick.


Any advice you would like to give to  the budding painters that want to make it big in this preferred arena?
I’m still learning myself, there isn’t much advice I can give really. I guess if you love it just keep at it and be true to your work. Adapt and evolve your style, your means of expression and just see where it takes you.


I think I’ve gotten something wonderful here. Thank you Reshmi for that. I must confess that it will still take some effort on my part, to actually understand the paintings. But yeah, now I know what I’m looking for.


So that was Reshmi Sekhar, talking about all the things wonderful. And I guess the curious cat in us, just became even more curious of the paintings at hand. Fret not, we’ve got some coming up below that are sure to make your heart flutter. 

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