9 Cutting Techniques Which Will Make You A Better Cook

If you are looking to get better as a cook, or just want better results, then you should know that there are different types of cutting techniques, though you may not use all of them, you must know where to use which type of cut, having good knife skills will not only make your food look better, but it will also make your food taste better, we have made a list of some of the cutting techniques that you should follow.


Cutting Techniques Every Cook Should KnowThis technique is used for leafy vegetables, like spinach, lettuce, basil herbs and cabbage. This is accomplished by first cutting the food into long strips, and then cross-cutting them in the preferred thickness.


Cutting Techniques Every Cook Should KnowAs the name suggests, The Julienne technique allows you to cut foods into long, thin match stick like pieces. This cutting style is commonly used for carrots, celery, and capsicum, potatoes.


Cutting Techniques Every Cook Should KnowOne of the most common techniques used, in this technique the vegetables or fruits are cut into large cubes, this technique is ideal if you are preparing soups. Large fruits are also cut using this technique. Just make sure that you have a flat surface while using this technique.


Cutting Techniques Every Cook Should KnowSlicing is used when you want to cut food into thin slices, the slices are slightly broad and thick. This technique can be used on fruits, vegetables, and meat.


Cutting Techniques Every Cook Should KnowMincing is used when you want to cut the food into very small pieces, A great way to use this technique effectively is by holding the knife handle with one hand and using your other hand to keep the blade’s tip in contact with the cutting surface while bringing your blade down into the food.


Cutting Techniques Every Cook Should KnowRoll Cutting is a common technique which is also known as the oblique cut is a specific type of knife cut used to create pieces of food with two angled sides. These cuts are often performed on long, round pieces of food (i.e. carrots and cucumbers) this adds visual appeal to your dish and makes it more attractive.


Cutting Techniques Every Cook Should KnowParallel cutting is used to cut broad, thin slices of vegetables and meat. This is done by laying your food flat on a cutting surface and angling your knife blade in such a way that it is parallel to the cutting surface, to cut through the food.


Cutting Techniques Every Cook Should KnowAs the name suggests, this technique is used to crush foods, commonly used to crush foods like garlic and ginger, and you get the best results while doing it on a flat surface like a walnut cutting board and using a large blade to press downward on the food.

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