Cyclone Titli Refers To A Butterfly : How Cyclones Names Are Originated & Classified

‘Titli’ cyclone valla Andhra Pradesh and orissa states lo jaragalsina loss jarigindi. Kani ‘ee cyclone ki enduku “Titli” ane name pettaru. Hindi lo butterfly ni “Titli” antaru and likely somehow satellite pictures konchem butterfly pictures la undadam tho ee cyclone ki ee name petaru ankuntunaaru mari andulo nijam entha undo chuseddam.

Titli cyclone name ni decide chesindi Pakistan:

Cyclone Titli

Adi enti mana country lo cyclone ki Pakistan peru pettadam enti ankuntunara ? Okay let me explain you clearly.

How Cyclones Are named ?

Cyclone Titli

Actually Hurricanes, Typhoons, and Cyclones are same but tropical regions batti ee names change avuthu untayi. For example Atlantic ocean lo Hurricanes ani, Typhoon in the Pacific and Cyclone in the Indian Ocean ani divide chesaru but all are same.

Cyclone Titli

Initially starting days lo cyclones ni Caribbean Islands lo people Roman Catholic calendar ni follow avuthu pettevaru,. But after World Meteorological Organization (WMO) was formed idi maruthu vaccindi. WMO supervision lo South East Asia lo unna eight countries ( India Bangladesh, Maldives, Myanmar, Oman, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Thailand ) oka particular order ni follow avuthu 2000 nundi Cyclones names ni decide chesthu vastunnayi.

Cyclone Titli

Ala aa sequence lo ee sari vacchina Cyclone name Pakistan country decide chesindi. Next vacche Cyclone name kuda already decide aindi, next Thailand vanthu anamata aa name kuda GAJA ai munde decide chesi pettukunnaru.

So “Titli” ane name butterfly shape lo cyclone undadam ni batti kadu ee eight countries all together contributed a set of names which are assigned sequentially whenever a cyclonic storm develops.

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