Top 10 Deadliest Train Accidents In India

Top 10 Deadliest Train Accidents In India

Today we just woke up to tragic news of the Coromandel Express train accident. Everyone was left in shock and speechless after this deadliest train accident news in the morning. A simple mistake of signaling led to this tragic incident which took the lives of 250+ passengers on the train and 1000+ passengers were injured severely.

This is not the first incident that train mishaps caused deaths and injuries of common people. There are n number of accidents in the history of Indian Railways and few of them are here.

1. 1964 – Pamban-Dhanushkodi Train Accident

The cyclone in 1964, washed away the Pamban-Dhanushkodi Train which took the lives of 125+ passengers who were traveling in the train.

2. 1981 – A passenger train fell into the Bhagmati River and killed 800+

In June 1981, a cyclone caused the seven back coaches of a full passenger train to be blown off the track and plunge into a river, killing at least 800 people.

3. 1988 – 105 Killed in Peruman Railway Accident

At least 106 persons were killed in July 1988 when an express train slammed into a monsoon-filled lake close to Quilon in southern India. On July 8, 1988, a train derailed on the Peruman bridge over Ashtamudi Lake in Kerala, sending 10 of its coaches plunging into the lake. This tragedy is known as the Peruman railway accident.

4. August 1995: Firozabad Rail Disaster 350+ Deaths

A collision involving two trains 200 km (125 miles) from Delhi resulted in at least
350 fatalities. On 20 August 1995, a passenger train collided with another train that had stopped after hitting a diversion sign, resulting in the Firozabad rail accident.

5. August 1999: Gaisal Train Accident

At least 285 people were killed in a collision between two trains in August 1999 near Calcutta. At the remote West Bengal station of Gaisal, two trains carrying roughly 2,500 people crashed, causing the catastrophe. An issue in the signals caused it to happen. Three of the four tracks on the line were being maintained, thus both trains were using the same track.

6. 2005 – Velugonda Train Accident

A passenger train’s many coaches derailed in October 2005 in the southern Andhra Pradesh state, close to Velugonda. The incident, which happened on October 29, 2005, resulted in at least 77 fatalities.

7. 2011: Fatehpur Train Accident

Around 70 persons were killed and more than 300 were hurt when a mail train crashed in Fatehpur On July 10, 2011.

8. 2016 – Indore-Patna Express Accident 145+ Deaths

In November 2016, an express train derailed in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh, killing 146 people and injuring over 200 more. Around fourteen carriages of the Indore-Patna Express 19321 derailed on November 20, 2016, at around 3.10 am, close to Pukhrayan, Kanpur.

9. 2017 Andhra Pradesh Train Accident

In January 2017, a passenger train derailed in southern Andhra Pradesh, killing at least 41 persons. A passenger train traveling from Jagdalpur to Bhubaneswar, the Hirakhand Express 18448, derailed on January 21, 2017, close to the village of Kuneru in Vizianagaram.

10. 2023 – Coromandel Express Train Accident

Now, Odisha Train Accident the three trains Coromandel Express, Goods Train, and Bangalore-Howrah SF Express train mishap took the lives of 250+ passengers traveling on trains and about 1000+ were severely injured and taking treatment on Hospital beds.

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