10 Ideas To Decorate Your Staircase


It is true that redoing home is definitely a hard thing to do. But once in a while, we need a change from our daily routine, to make us see things differently and appreciate life once more. So, to make your work easy and stylish, we are presenting you a ton of ideas to decorate your staircase. Check out:

1. The Piano StaircaseDIY 01 StaircaseHave you ever thought of making your boring staircase to a piano? Just try!

2. Bold Combination of ColoursDIY 02 StaircaseGive a try to some bold combination of colors.

3. The message staircaseDIY 03 StaircaseWhy don’t you fill the staircase with your favorite quotes or messages?

4. Spring themeDIY 04 StaircaseGive a try to some spring theme.

5. Book collectionDIY 05 StaircasePaint your staircase with your favorite book collections.

6. Chalk paintDIY 06 StaircaseUse your childhood chalk paint.

7. Floral themeDIY 07 StaircaseDecorate it with some flowers

8. TextureDIY 08 StaircaseAdd some texture to your staircase

9. Install a CarpetDIY 09 StaircaseDecorate it with a carpet

10. Hand paint stairsDIY 10 StaircaseShow your talent with hand painting on your stairs