Delhi Police Will Use Space Technology To Control Crime.


The Delhi Police will soon start using space technology for live crime mapping and adopting a “predictive policing” mechanism being developed in partnership with the Indian Space Research Organisation. (ISRO)

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“The Crime Mapping, Analytics and Predictive System (CMAPS) is being operationalised by Delhi Police in partnership with ISRO for effective use of space technology- based tools for ensuring internal security,” a senior police official said yesterday.

He said the system would help in crime control and law and order and security management through analysis of relevant data and patterns, leading to the optimization of available resources.


The system will be complete with police officials being equipped with Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) devices connected to a central processor, which stores records of more
than 2 lakh criminals.

At present crime mapping is a periodical process which is conducted manually by gathering electronic data at an interval of 15 days. The reports are prepared by the Joint Commissioners and forwarded to Special Commissioner (Law and Order), who then briefs the police chief.

With the new space technology-based system, the police will also be able to identify gangs in specific areas real time.

The mechanism of “predictive policing” has been adopted by cities in quite a few developed nations.

Lets Hope for the Best!