Age is just a number when you have the style in the inside of you!


Bollywood’s Legendary actor, Dharmendra is known for his acting skill and some crazily told dialogues. His action scenes are a must watch. Despite the age, he has never lost the charm! Sholay, Do Chor, Yaadon ki Baaraat, Chupke Chupke, Alibaba aur 40 Chor, The Burning Train, Yakeen, Qayamat, Loafer, Ankhen, Ghazab and the count is just never ending; these are a tiny bit of the fantastic films that he gave the world He is active man and was into politics for a good period of time too. He produced some great movies that are some classic ones. On this wonderful occasion, let us recall some of his dialogues…..

1. Kuttteeee……….
This somehow was a part of most of his films. And he made it a trademark with the style!1
2. Basantii…In kutton ke samne mat nacho..
The sholay dialogue just ruled the era and is still in everyone’s tongue tips.2-basantiiin
3. Tum agar ek maaroge toh hum char maarenge
This is another one from sholay which no one disagrees on using it their everyday lives!4-kutte-kamime-mein-tera-khoon-pee-jaaonga
4. Kutte Kamime..Mein tera khoon pee jaaonga
Yaadon ki baraat, sholay and many other movies included this dialogue by Dharmendra. 4
5. Ye duniya bahut badi hai, apna shikaar khud maarna sikho
This is from his film, Loafer and he just made a trademark with his style.5
6. Kitni baar kaha hai … aaish kar, ishq mat kar
Yamla Pagla Deewana 2..his latest film had this dialogue by him. He kept on showing the audience that his style is never fading away .. age is just a number!6-kitni-baar-kaha-hai
7. Ek ek ko chun chun ke maaronga … chun chun ke maaronga
Sholay again!!!!!7-ek-ek-ko-chun-chun-ke-maaronga
8. Pehle ek Hindustani ko samajh lo … Hindi apne aap aa jayegi
This one is from Apne. His dialogue delivery played a major role and no one could do his style.8
9. Hamari bardaasht ko hamari kamzoori mat samajhna
Pyaar kiya tho darna kya’s dialogue that took us deep inside the emotions.9
10. Oye, illaka kutton ka hota hai behen ke takke … sher ka nahi
Yamla Pagla Deewana…like we already spoke off, age is just a number! Style tho blood mein hain!10-oye-illaka-kutton-ka