Are Diet Carbonated Drinks Good Or Bad For You?

Everybody by now knows that soda and soft drinks are dangerous and consuming them in a long run can cause unwanted problems, one of the main reasons these carbonated drinks are harmful is because of the added sugar in them, many people instead use diet versions these sodas, to reduce sugar and calorie intake, Diet sodas are sweetened artificial sweeteners like aspartame, and cyclamate instead of sugar, but there have been several questions raised on diet sodas too, are they really good for you? In this article, we will find out whether diet soda is a safer option or not.

Diet soda is just like any other soda, it is a mixture of carbonated water, artificial or natural sweeteners are added to it to make it sweet. But the thing with diet soda is that it contains no calories, but it also contains no nutrition value, a can of diet soda drink contains no calories, sugar, fat or protein and 40 mg of sodium

Does Diet Soda help in weight loss?

Carbonated DrinksMost people believe that as diet soda contains no calories, it can aid in weight loss, however, this is not entirely true, Studies have confirmed that using artificial sweeteners and drinking high amounts of diet soda can increase the risk of obesity and metabolic syndrome, diet soda can also increase your appetite by triggering dopamine in your brain, thus resulting in you consuming more calories. However scientists are not exactly sure where the weight gain is caused by the diet soda, as it can also be caused by existing dietary habits, in fact, studies show that replacing sugar-sweetened drinks with diet soda can result in weight loss. More research is required to determine the true effects of diet soda on weight loss.

Is Diet Soda bad For You?

Carbonated DrinksRegular consumption of diet soda can cause a number of problems like:-

  • High blood pressure
  • Heart attack
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Dementia
  • Liver problems

Researchers believe that diet sodas can damage your blood vessels or cause chronic inflammation. Studies also indicate that diet soda may change how the brain responds to sweet flavors, a person who frequently drinks diet soda might crave for more sweets, and more soda.


Despite being low in calories and sugar, diet soda can cause a number of problems to your health and does not add any nutrition to your diet, so people should not consider it as a healthy alternative to regular soda.


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