Diet Secrets Of The Birthday Boy ‘SUPERSTAR Mahesh Babu’

Telugu movie star Mahesh Babu is celebrating his 42rd birthday today and it’s hard for us to believe this fact because the guy doesn’t look a day older than 30 years,  Mahesh Babu is known for his dedication in the gym and for never missing out a workout session or even a single meal in a day. The Megastar, who made his acting debut with Rajakumarrudu in 1999, wasn’t always as fit and lean as he currently is. In fact, in a recent  TV interview, Mahesh Babu revealed that he used to be quite a heavy kid. So, on this special occasion, let us look at what the good-looking star’s diet routine looks like. More importantly, here’s what you can learn from Mahesh Babu’s routine.

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Mahesh Babu says that his breakfast should have a good mix of all the important macronutrients required by the body. His breakfast is made from oats (carbohydrates), eggs (protein) and nuts (fats). Mahesh Babu also makes sure he includes some fruits in his breakfast to provide his body with micronutrients and fiber. It has been revealed that the actor eats five to six meals a day, two of which are complementary shakes. Eating more often has lately been popularized as a healthy practice for fat loss and muscle gain, as it keeps your metabolism up.

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We managed to find out his daily routine, which is a balanced diet, with a perfect blend of protein, carbohydrate, and fat. He does not follow any hard diet anytime, he says this in an interview.

Here is a detailed meal plan 0f Mahesh Babu:

Breakfast: Mush It is a dish made of oats, eggs, fruits, and nuts.

Post Workout: Any Protein Shake

Lunch: The source of any meat (chicken / fish / lamb) with carbs (brown rice / quinoa / crispy peal)

Dinner: Any Carb Sources and Proteins It may be brown or whole wheat bread with eggs or chicken

If there is anything that we can learn from the super talented actor is Dedication, sheer will and discipline, his dedication towards being fit shows us how hard he works and to what lengths he will go to stay in shape, even at this age, he is one of the fittest actors in the Telugu industry, we would like to thank him for being an inspiration and would like to wish a very happy birthday from our side.

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