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Difference Of Watching Cinema In A Theatre vs Multiplex


A child who watches a movie now in the multiplex will have no clue about the experience of watching a movie in the cinema theatre. The hungama that happens in front of the theatre, inside the theatre should only be experienced. With the evolving system around us, the mechanism of watching movies is also evolving.

Watching a movie in theatre is a more relax process when compared to watching a movie in multiplex. It is economical, there are sentiments, there is a festival atmosphere all around the theatre when a movie releases. We are a different individual when we are in front of a theatre. We are more ourselves. With multiplexes dominating theatres in the tradition of watching cinema, we are left with no option but to accept it and move ahead. It is not a flaw, in fact multiplexes are a welcoming change for many reasons. But, edhi emaina theatre lo chuse aa anandam experience veru baa..

Aithe, o saadhara manishi oka cinema chusetappudu, theatre ki multiplex ki elanti difference edurukuntadu anedhi ikada krindha bhagamulo vivarincha badi unnadhi..

Seating capacity

Food & Beverages

Screen Size

The Raccha


Ticket Cost

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