Different types of roles played by the all-rounder | Mahesh Babu


Mahesh Babu is on everyone’s favorite actors lists and has always kept to it. Thanu chese roles and many more are done with much finesse and confident that his movies showcase lots of emotions. Thana career lo chesina anni movies shows how versatile he is at doing roles. Here are all those different kinds of roles he has done.

1. As the most caring brother ever – Arjun1mahesh-bday
2. A cop who plays to his strengths – Pokiri2mahesh-bday
3. A rock star searching for his life stuck with a schizophrenic brain – 1 Nenokkadine3mahesh-bday
4. A money man’s son whose happiness is in the happiness of the needy – Srimanthudu4mahesh-bday
5. A son who can do anything to make his dad the happiest man – Dookudu5mahesh-bday
6. A next door guy dealing with problems of life, love and family – Seethamma Vaakitlo Sirimalle Chettu6mahesh-bday
7. A rich guy who values family more than anything in life – Brahmotsavam7mahesh-bday
8. A simple taxi driver wanting to meet the God in him – Khaleja8mahesh-bday
9. A professional shooter falls in love with a family that becomes his – Athadu9mahesh-bday
10. The man who introduced us Cow Boys in the most handsome way – Takkari Donga10mahesh-bday11.   Waiting to discover this man in a completely new role – SPYder!!!!11mahesh-bday