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Know How Coconut Can Bring Change To Your Diet


Kobari pachadi, kobari curry eevi simple regular dishes manam coconut use chesi chestham, kani did you know coconut mana health ki chala manchidi if eaten in limited quantities. Mana India lo Kerela lo okatey coconut oil use chestharu cooking time lo but there are a lot of benefits of coconut if eaten on regular basis. Daily morning fresh ga energetic ga start cheyali antey coconut water is a must, dintlo unna poshakalu mana body ni hydrate chesi roju anta active ga unchuthundi. Coconut oil cooking lo vaduthey it helps the body to digest food easily reduces stress levels, strengthen our body immunity and maintains healthy hair and skin. Ee amazing benefits lo unna coconut ni diet lo yela include cheskovali ani anukuntunara? Aythey check out this amazing article to know more.

1. Coconut Sugar:

The healthier alternative for regular sugar, ee coconut sugar ni regular sugar ni baking lo replace chesthey chala machidi.

2. Coconut water:

Summer season leda ye season lo ayna coconut water is the beside one to keep our body hydrated and keeps our body active for rest of the day.

3. Coconut Oil:

Hair inka skin key kadhu coconut oil enhances dishes taste and also improves our digestive system and maintains our health.

4. Coconut Cream:

Regular milk cream tho compare chesthey coconut cream has very minimal calories and is rich in taste and texture. Ee creams drinks, dessert ki use chestharu.

5. Coconut Yoghurt:

Milk tho chesina curd ki inka oka alternative ee curd coconut tho extract chesina milk tho chestharu. Dairy products ki allergic unna vallu ee yoghurt Ni yekuvaga consume chestharu.

6. Grated Coconut:

Fresh ga grate chesina coconut chala poshakalu inka nutrients untai. Ee nutrients body ni functioning ki help chesthai