This ‘Dil Chahta Hai’ spoof perfectly explains the problems of India’s youth


When Dil Chahta Hai released, it sent the youth of the country into a tizzy.

The film was about the youth, but it was realistic. They weren’t fighting the evil landlord, but their own demons and issues. Dil Chahta Hai changed the way our characters in films spoke and acted, and was a film that you could connect to.

The Unglis, a comedy collective from Hyderabad, have perfectly summed up the problems of the youth of the country in their spoof – Chill Chahta Hai.

No matter if you’re a 95% guy, a 65% guy, or a 35% guy – you have to deal with expectations, pressures and trauma in your lives. This is a walk down memory lane, along with a burst of frustration. That we are more than our scores and marks. There’s more to us.


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