Dil Raju – The Story Of A Mediocre Business Man To A Man With The ‘Midas’ Touch


Dil Raju is known today as one of the most popular names in the Telugu Film Industry, but not many know that his story is a film in itself. Smitten by movies from a young age, Dil Raju was probably destined to get into the field, and moved to Hyderabad during his +2 days.

Dil Raju was born in Narsingpally in Nizambad district, and had a keen interest in cinema right from childhood. While helping out his brothers in their automobile business, he met and got in touch with film distributors.


He went on to get the distribution rights in Vizag, and took on huge risks as a youngster. However, as luck would have it, Dil Raju lost money in his first few ventures. While most would be shaken and shattered by the loss, Dil Raju used his losses as a guiding knowledge, and developed an acute judgement of the pulse of the audience.

In his second innings, Dil Raju began selecting movies based on a sixth sense. He also went on to produce the films and invest his 100% in the production and promotion of the films. Dil, his first film as a producer (which is why he got the name ‘Dil Raju’) was a risky venture with a relatively (then) unknown actor. But since the film was a fresh take, people began to notice him.

Dawn of an Ace Producer


This was a golden second innings for Dil Raju, then followed Arya, Bhadra and Munna and he established himself as one of the top producers. The appreciation he received for Bommarillu, a touching film on the relation between a father and a son, sealed him as an ace producer with substance.

Dil Raju went on to buy innovative projects like Happy Days, Pokiri, Chhatrapati and Athadu. By then, Dil Raju was one of the top names in the production and distribution circuits.

What makes Dil Raju unique?


Dil Raju is known for taking calculated risks. His early failures taught him to never underestimate the pulse of the audience, and he managed to walk the tightrope between a fresh script and crowd-pulling tricks.

His involvement in films is legendary, and he ensures that he is a part of the film right from the script, the production, post-production, to the promotion. Dil Raju’s films have top-class technicians, and while watching the film, you never feel cheated in any way.

Another unique factor is that he promotes his films in a complete, no-holds-barred style, and many of his hits, like Happy Days, wouldn’t have gotten the visibility if he hadn’t picked it up at the right time.

While it is common for successful producers to keep producing movies on a spree, Dil Raju did not choose a hasty path. He carefully studied scripts and only chose the ones he had confidence in. The testimony to this is the fact that he has given 8 directors their break with direction. Some of them are big names today, including Sukumar, Bommarilu Bhaskar, Srikanth Adala, Vamsi Paidipally, and Boyapati Seenu.

He is called the Man with the Midas touch, and enjoys a success rate of 90% in his ventures. However, if you ask him, he doesn’t think of it as a ‘golden touch’. Dil Raju’s success is the result of hard work, even after a decade of producing movies.