This is historic! Dipa Karmakar made it to the finals of Olympics..!



Indian gymnast Dipa Karmakar made it and entered into the vault finals in the Olympic games.Dipa Karmakar, who hails from Tripura is the country’s first woman gymnast to enter into the Olympics, and also she managed to reach the finals of Olympics with 14.850 points.
In her first attempt, Dipa secured 7.000 with much difficulty and 8.1 on execution in the first attempt. Her score for difficulty was a nip  lower at 6.000 in the second attempt.
Dipa Karmakar landed low on her Produnova vault in the first attempt, while her second vault was a ‘Tsuk double full twist’ with a step to the side. She dropped to 8th eventually when Canadian Shallon Olsen’s terrific effort of 14.950 rejigged the overall standings.But, that was just about enough to secure her a place in the finals scheduled for August 14 as the top-8 made the cut for the medal round.
Congratulations Dipa!! You made it to the finals of Olympics. This is historic and we hope you reach the newer heights.